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Tech Therapy HostsTechnology continues to change college life, and each month The Chronicle's Tech Therapy podcast offers analysis and advice on what the latest gadgets and buzzwords mean for professors, administrators, and students.

Join hosts Jeff Young, a Chronicle reporter (left), and Warren Arbogast, a technology consultant who works with colleges, for a lively discussion—as well as interviews with leading thinkers in technology.

Jeff and Warren welcome your questions by e-mail, phone (805-CHE-TECH), or Twitter (@techtherapists).

New Tech Therapy Hotline

Call in to our new Tech Therapy hotline and ask a question, or tell us a quick story of a technology challenge on your campus, and we'll put it on the podcast and respond. The number is 805-CHE-TECH (805-243-8324).

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We've Got Transcripts!

Many Tech Therapy listeners have asked to get transcripts of the various episodes, and we are slowly cranking them out. Click on this page to get complete, free transcripts of some of the shows. Print them out and send them around. If you would like to see the transcription of a specific episode, write in.

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