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As an experienced partner and consultant to higher education institutions, Pearson understands the challenges facing administrators and faculty and our solution offerings reflect that knowledge with a suite of content, technology and services to meet and resolve those challenges. Our team of educators, designers, curriculum specialists, course writers, development editors and publishers create solutions that are tailor-made to each institution’s specific needs. We provide a range of online, in-classroom or blended courses, fully customized curriculum development, and a range of technology tools and learning platforms to support students and faculty. To learn more, visit

Harnessing the Power of Digital Learning

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in the way students want to learn, with more than six million students now taking at least one online course. As a seasoned educator and academic trainer in the field of higher education, I have seen the tremendous impact of technology on instruction and learning. Read More »


Customizing technology to engage today’s students
From electronic supplements to interactive applications, Pearson can fully customize the kinds of tools needed to engage, stimulate, and connect to 21st-century students both online and in the classroom. Download Now »


Maximize digital content resources with one centralized digital repository where users can create, store and share digital content. Download Now »

College readiness: Preparing and supporting returning learners
Technology solutions that enable educators to teach foundational courses in new, more engaging, more interactive, and, ultimately, more successful ways. Download Now »