End to Pay Bump for Teaching Master's Degree Squeezes Some Education Colleges

Education Schools Squeezed by State Cuts for Teachers 1

Scott Roberson, Daily Journal, AP Images

Brittany Comer, a kindergarten teacher, reads to her students at Sawmill Woods Elementary School, in Indiana. That state rolled back collective-bargaining agreements to allow local school districts to de-emphasize degree level when deciding on raises.

Louis B. Gallien Jr. was less than a month into his job as education dean at Appalachian State University this past summer when North Carolina's governor signed a budget bill that will end the state's tradition of giving a 10-percent pay raise to teachers who complete a master's degree. For education colleges across the state, it was a costly stroke of the pen.

Appalachian's Reich College of Education will be down 100 students in the spring as a result of the change, said Mr. Gallien,