Missed Classes, a Changed Grade, and One Disillusioned Adviser  

Two years ago, Will Collier landed his dream job, overseeing academic services for one of the country's premier programs. His experience illustrates the challenge of protecting academic integrity in big-time college sports.



After Killings in Oregon, Colleges Face Threats — and Take No Chances

This past week several campuses learned of online posts or bathroom-wall graffiti that threatened violence. Almost all of them went on high alert.

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Head of California’s Community-College System Says He’ll Retire

Brice W. Harris will step down in April. Since 2012, he has overseen a system that serves 2.1 million students.

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Changes in College Chapel, Which Sparked Christian Outrage, Came From Christian Minister

The removal of the chapel's pews sparked much outrage online from Christians, who blamed Muslim students for it. A former campus minister says that's not true.

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Berkeley Astronomers Call for Professor's Departure After Harassment Allegations

"We believe that Geoff Marcy cannot perform the functions of a faculty member," the prominent scientist's colleagues wrote.


Why a Certain $21 Million Is Worth Much More to the U. of Phoenix

For now, the university is barred from enrolling active-duty military personnel under a Department of Defense program. The loss of that ability, and the money that comes with it, could have an outsize impact.

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Charges of Harassment by Famous Astronomer Prompt Soul-Searching About Sexism in the Sciences

An inquiry by the University of California at Berkeley found that Geoffrey W. Marcy had repeatedly engaged in "inappropriate behavior" with female students. Many scientists ask why the university didn't do more to punish the professor.



As Federal Investigations of Sex Assault Get Tougher, Some Ask if That’s Progress  

Colleges’ latest settlements with the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights divide opinions: greater protection for students or automatic indictment of institutions?



How Fafsa’s New Reliance on Older Tax Data Could Affect Colleges  

The chance to apply for aid earlier, using so-called prior-prior-year tax records, is widely seen as a win for students, but much will depend on how colleges and states respond.


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Russia, Land of Free Speech  

In a land of state censorship, intellectuals prize unfettered speech. Can the same be said of their American counterparts?


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In Defense of Case Histories  

Data alone can’t plumb the unpredictable mysteries of disease.



A Geek's Guide to Academic Committee Work

Mastering the dark art of curricular kung fu.



The Professor Is In: Research Plans, Proposals, and Statements

What search committees really want when they ask for each of those documents.



Job-Market Advice — for Faculty

Let’s not be the sort of advisers who evade responsibility for our students’ career options.