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Is College Worth It? 2 New Reports Say Yes (Mostly)

While college degrees lead to better pay and more job opportunities, the risks in getting a degree are substantially higher.

Vitae: News, Jobs, and Tools for Your Career

Vitae: News, Jobs, and Tools for Your Career

  • What I Learned From #ripplesofdoubt

    "I wanted to create a safe space to discuss sexual harassment in the sciences. More than 4,000 tweets later, I’ve found myself outraged, exhausted, and inspired."

  • What Is Vitae? Discover for Yourself

    The Chronicle invites you to explore Vitae, the only online career hub dedicated to making it easier and more rewarding for faculty members and administrators to do their job...

Vitae: News, Jobs, and Tools for Your Career

2013's Outstanding Colleges

The Academic Workplace

and Work-Life Balance
Make Great Colleges

The best colleges have strong workplace support, consult with their employees, and appreciate them.

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The Honor Roll

See the best of the best, and find out how they do it.

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Vitae HLC 2

Online Learning: a Special Report

Join us for an inside look at MOOC mania—the hype, the hope—and what it means for the future of higher education.

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College, Reinvented

In a special report, Chronicle writers and contributors suggested 15 ways to reinvent higher education.

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Careers in Academe

In this special report, we offer articles written by academics, for academics, about a range of career challenges in academe.

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