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A University Banks on Ph.D. Stipends to Better Compete With Its Peers

Northwestern plans to raise its minimum payment by 26 percent to attract top-notch doctoral students.

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  • When Admissions Interviews Get Weird 1

    When Admissions Interviews Get Weird

    Sen. Ted Cruz says in his new memoir that he was hung over that day at Brown University. But, say admissions officers, that was tame compared with what they’ve seen.

  • Business Can Pay to Train Its Own Work Force 1

    Business Can Pay to Train Its Own Work Force

    The more we countenance a redefinition of job training as education, the more we ask society to shoulder what were once business expenses.

  • Careers - Verbal Abuse

    Coping With Verbal Abuse

    Academic politics are vicious, but that doesn’t mean you have to be.

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