PicoFeed The Chronicle of Higher Education | News http://chronicle.com/section/News/6/ 2016-07-29T10:04:25-04:00 The Chronicle of Higher Education Why Do So Many College Presidents Call Their Campuses a ‘Family’? http://chronicle.com/article/Why-Do-So-Many-College/237301 2016-07-29T04:57:53-04:00 The Baylor Family. The Ole Miss family. The Rutgers family. When leaders want to convey a sense of community, experts say, they often resort to this well-worn metaphor. By Gabriel Sandoval Suffolk U. and Its President Abruptly Part Ways http://chronicle.com/blogs/ticker/suffolk-u-and-its-president-abruptly-part-ways/113182 2016-07-29T04:56:17-04:00 The chairman of the Boston institution's Board of Trustees announced on Thursday that Margaret A. McKenna was no longer president. Video: Damming Student Debt: One Liberal-Arts College’s Approach http://chronicle.com/article/Video-Damming-Student-Debt-/237276 2016-07-29T04:55:00-04:00 Sheila Bair, president of Washington College, in Maryland, says it’s been too easy for colleges to raise tuition because it’s been too easy for students to borrow money, and that has created a drag on the economy.   By Ruth Hammond The Slow-Motion Downfall of Linda Katehi http://chronicle.com/article/The-Slow-Motion-Downfall-of/237300 2016-07-29T04:55:00-04:00 With her job on the line and Janet Napolitano on the case, the University of California at Davis’s chancellor can’t resist a fight. By Jack Stripling and Fernanda Zamudio-Suaréz Why Is UVa Under Title IX Investigation Again? http://chronicle.com/blogs/ticker/why-is-uva-under-title-ix-investigation-again/113161 2016-07-28T12:54:54-04:00 The university just last fall emerged from a bruising federal inquiry into its handling of sexual violence. U. of Louisville Board Accepts Ramsey's Resignation as President http://chronicle.com/blogs/ticker/u-of-louisville-board-accepts-ramseys-resignation-as-president/113149 2016-07-28T04:55:13-04:00 He will step down after 14 years in office, the last several months of which have been tarnished by a series of scandals. The Enrollment Manager as Bogeyman http://chronicle.com/article/The-Enrollment-Manager-as/237280 2016-07-28T04:51:35-04:00 In the eyes of their many critics, they are faceless, pragmatic technocrats with too much power. But it’s worth imagining what higher education would look like without enrollment managers playing a critical role. By Eric Hoover The Katehi Years at UC-Davis http://chronicle.com/specialreport/The-Katehi-Years-at-UC-Davis/49 2016-07-28T00:00:00-04:00 The years since Linda P.B. Katehi became chancellor of the University of California at Davis, in 2009, have been marked by controversy and conflict. Here's a look at her record. Spelman College Is Accused of Inaction After Anonymous Report of Gang Rape http://chronicle.com/blogs/ticker/spelman-college-is-accused-of-inaction-after-anonymous-report-of-gang-rape/113127 2016-07-27T16:14:20-04:00 The alleged victim, who spoke out in May through a Twitter account called "Raped at Spelman," said in tweets on Wednesday that college officials had not taken any action. U. of Michigan Settles Lawsuit Filed by Dismissed Graduate Student http://chronicle.com/blogs/ticker/u-of-michigan-settles-lawsuit-filed-by-dismissed-graduate-student/113115 2016-07-27T13:15:35-04:00 Jennifer Dibbern had accused the university of kicking her out because of her union activity and her efforts to change the campus's anti-harassment policy. How Clinton’s ‘Free College’ Could Cause a Cascade of Problems http://chronicle.com/article/How-Clinton-s-Free/237266 2016-07-27T04:55:00-04:00 The Democratic nominee’s proposal might sound great, but it could close many colleges, pressure some flagships, and disappoint students. By Scott Carlson and Beckie Supiano A University Makes a Rare Call to Ditch Its Title IX Exemption http://chronicle.com/article/A-University-Makes-a-Rare-Call/237267 2016-07-27T04:52:26-04:00 Since 1985, Pepperdine University has been exempt from certain provisions of Title IX. But early this year it decided to waive that status. It’s not clear what prompted the shift. By Gabriel Sandoval Charges Are Dropped Against Yale Worker Who Purposely Broke Window Depicting Slavery http://chronicle.com/blogs/ticker/charges-are-dropped-against-yale-worker-who-purposely-broke-window-depicting-slavery/113105 2016-07-26T14:33:32-04:00 Corey Menafee's criminal case ended a day after he went back to work at the university, which had asked prosecutors to drop the charges. Louisville Board Still Hasn't Accepted Its President's Resignation http://chronicle.com/blogs/ticker/louisville-board-still-hasnt-accepted-its-presidents-resignation/113101 2016-07-26T14:19:29-04:00 The Board of Trustees postponed a meeting on Tuesday at which it was slated to consider the resignation of James R. Ramsey, who said last month he would step down. The board will meet instead on Wednesday. Smithsonian Institution Is Hiring a Beer Scholar http://chronicle.com/blogs/ticker/smithsonian-institution-is-hiring-a-beer-scholar/113095 2016-07-26T14:03:19-04:00 The historian will work at its new American Brewing History Initiative. Happy 21st Birthday, Academe Today! http://chronicle.com/blogs/ticker/happy-21st-birthday-academe-today/113083 2016-07-26T13:34:48-04:00 Chronicle subscribers received the first issue of our daily newsletter on this day in 1995. The newsletter seems quite primitive by today’s standards. Apply for The Chronicle's Spring Internships http://chronicle.com/article/Apply-for-The-Chronicles/237256 2016-07-26T09:46:00-04:00 Are you an early-career journalist? We want you to apply for our paid internships. Here's how. By Andy Thomason As a College Faces Loss of Funds, Its Board Chair Refuses to Resign http://chronicle.com/blogs/ticker/as-college-faces-loss-of-funds-its-board-chair-refuses-to-resign/113061 2016-07-26T04:57:37-04:00 The Department of Education has threatened to withhold funds from Metropolitan Community College, in Omaha, because of a federal order against its board chair. ‘Stereotypes Are at the Center’: a White House Official on Why Native Students Often Struggle http://chronicle.com/article/Stereotypes-Are-at-the/237209 2016-07-26T04:55:00-04:00 William Mendoza, director of the Initiative on American Indian and Alaska Native Education, had several false starts before completing college. He discusses how tribal colleges helped him find his way, and why they remain relevant to students today. By Kelly Field For Native Students, Education’s Promise Has Long Been Broken http://chronicle.com/article/For-Native-Students/237210 2016-07-26T04:55:00-04:00 President Obama wants more American Indian students to graduate from college. But look at the challenges these high schoolers face, and it becomes clear why that is a tall order. By Kelly Field