Why Online Identity Matters

Identity has always been a tricky thing. And with the explosion of social media and mobile technology, the boundaries that once separated people's lives at work, home, and, increasingly, online are blurring. Managing your digital identity—and deciphering that of others—requires some conscious thought. While academics and colleges may differ in the tools they use, there is a growing consensus that identity needs full attention. In this special report you'll find advice on crafting a strong and coherent identity and infusing it with your personality.

Mad About MOOC's

Our Identities, On the Ground and in the Cloud

The Myth of the 'Digital Native'

A Northwestern U. course teaches students to protect their online reputations.

The Promise (and Perils) of the Virtual ScholarPremium Link

Many find they must be careful, very careful, about what they say.

It Takes a CampusPremium Link

The explosion of social-media sites has created opportunities, and challenges, for colleges shaping the way others see them.

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