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  • Speed Kills 1

    Speed Kills

    How fast can human activity get before it becomes inhuman?

  • 6108-SCHNEIDER

    Time to Imagine

    Leisure requires and inspires rumination. Both are out of fashion.

  • The Israel Boycott  Is Working—to Prevent Peace 1

    With Friends Like These … Premium Link

    Heck of a job, American Studies Association. Your boycott of Israeli academe is undermining your greatest potential allies.

  • Negotiating a World of Hurt 1

    Book Review: A World of Hurt Premium Link

    A political history of pain revisits extreme personal and partisan discomfort.

  • The Interpretation of Academic Dreams 1

    Through a Class, Darkly Premium Link

    Strange academic dreams? The doctor is in.

  • 6108-BK-Law

    New Scholarly Books Premium Link

    Descriptions of the latest books, divided by category.

  • The Liar’s ‘Tell’ 2

    The Liar's 'Tell'

    Paul Ekman famously identified clues to dishonesty in people’s expressions. Now his critics wonder if he has stretched the truth.

  • Can We Predict  the Next War? 1

    Scoping Out the Future Premium Link

    Feeding huge quantities of public data into algorithms, analysts seek in patterns today a glimpse of tomorrow.

  • The Science of Us 1

    The Science of Us Premium Link

    Scrutinizing digitally detailed trends can markedly improve our world and our health.

  • Big-Data Doubts 1

    Big Doubts About Big Data Premium Link

    More information doesn’t make the world a less-complicated place.

  • Sanctuary for the Humanities 1

    Sanctuary for the Humanities

    The humanities are considered arcane, of dubious practical value, and a lost cause—in other words, perfect for religious colleges.

  • What Did  the Civil War  Smell Like? 1

    Book Review: States of Decay Premium Link

    A sensory history breathes life—and death—into the Civil War.

  • ‘My Brokedown English’ 1

    'My Brokedown English' Premium Link

    Students' striking ideas expressed in mangled language prompt thoughts of what could have been, and what may yet be.

  • 6107-Yoruba BK

    New Scholarly Books Premium Link

    Descriptions of the latest books, divided by category.

  • ‘I am not a spy. I am a philosopher.’ 3

    'I am not a spy. I am a philosopher.'

    An Iranian philosopher in Tehran heard the cell door shut behind him. His solitary education was about to begin.