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  • Excellent Sheep Review

    What Ails Elite Education?

    William Deresiewicz, author of Excellent Sheep, and Harry R. Lewis of Harvard volley questions of class privilege and how colleges perpetuate it.

  • Fantasy Fulfillment  in the Academic Novel 1

    A Campus Novel With a Twist

    This tale is told through a year’s worth of recommendation letters.

  • Overstating the CIA's Role 1

    Overstating the CIA's Role as Postwar Puppet Master Premium Link

    The recent wave of revelations about the agency's control of American intellectual life breaks little new ground.

  • P8 BK Shakespeare

    New Scholarly Books Premium Link

    Descriptions of the latest books, divided by category.

  • Piketty Envy 1

    Piketty Envy

    Rather than embracing the way the best-selling economist’s work advances their vision, influential Marxists browbeat him for being insufficiently orthodox.

  • One Man Had a Plan to Keep Money Out of College Sports. Here’s What Happened. 1

    A 1930s Battle to Keep Big Money Out of College Sports

    Long before Ed O’Bannon challenged the NCAA, Frank P. Graham fought to keep commercialism off campuses. He lost.

  • A Joyful Purgatory 1

    A Joyful Purgatory Premium Link

    My postdoc gig was both prestigious and precarious.

  • P7-BK-Catholicism

    New Scholarly Books Premium Link

    Descriptions of the latest books, divided by category.

  • How 5

    Thing Theory

    Objects loom large as other gods seem to fail.

  • The Internet of Words 1

    Digital Dialects

    Changes in the language are as much a part of the story of technology as innovative new products.

  • Reframing History 1

    Reframing History Premium Link

    Globalization is touted as a new approach to understanding the past. Can it live up to the hype?

  • 6044-Born

    Who’s Your (Lit Crit) Daddy? Premium Link

    Revere the masters who influenced you, but forge your own path.

  • When Pornography Pays for College 1

    When Pornography Pays for College

    Belle Knox represents a generation of angry young women who have come of age in a pornified, financially devastated century.

  • The Green Vision of Saul Bellow 1

    The Green Vision of Saul Bellow

    The title character in Herzog is a creature of the city. But the novel’s evocations of nature are crucial to his growth.

  • 44Cayton-new

    What Really Stoked the Spirit of 1776 Premium Link

    The tangled roots of the American Revolution go back further than you might expect.