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  • Slavery and Capitalism 1

    Money’s Manacles

    Historians long depicted slavery as an aberration from, or a precursor to, capitalism. That’s changing. 

  • Adrift at the Career Fair 1

    Job Hobnob

    A professor attends a student career fair to see what undergraduates are up against.

  • Misunderstanding the Humanities 1

    Oh, the Humanities! Premium Link

    They have the dubious honor of being subject to both contempt and unrealistic expectations.

  • Writing for Real 1

    Novel Findings Premium Link

    The best prose doesn’t make writers sound clever; it helps form readers’ souls.

  • Prison Reform?  Not So Simple 1

    Pros and Cons Premium Link

    Elite politicos imply that America’s prison crisis can be fixed with some relatively uncontroversial reforms. If only.

  • 6116-Bk-Tequia

    New Scholarly Books

    Descriptions of the latest books, divided by category.

  • Saskia Sassen’s Missing Chapter 1

    Saskia Sassen's Missing Chapter

    When the renowned sociologist was a girl in Argentina, her family had a frequent visitor: Adolf Eichmann.

  • Goodman Alcohol Package Friday

    How to Be Intoxicated

    Or why Euripides' tale of Dionysus' power is necessary reading for incoming freshmen.

  • Payback’s a Bitch 1

    Payback's a Bitch

    Debt activism and unionization might help reform a corrupt system the feds can't seem to tame.

  • 6115-Williams

    The 'Contemporary' Moment Premium Link

    Modern is musty, postmodern is passé, and the current struggles to stay cutting edge. Time flies. Can culture keep up?

  • The Great Dictator 1

    Testing 1, 2, 3 Premium Link

    With dictation software, a writer strives to find her voice with her, um, voice.

  • Finding Philosophy 1

    Bringing Philosophy Down to Earth Premium Link

    Kant, Locke, and Stoicism come alive at a community college.

  • 6115-Williams-Elvis

    Book Review: Nothin' but a Hound Dog Premium Link

    A biographer is fascinated and repulsed by Elvis's working-class background.

  • 6115-BK - History

    New Scholarly Books

    Descriptions of the latest books, divided by category.