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  • My Nemesis, Jill Lepore 1

    My Nemesis, Jill Lepore

    In which a superpowered scholar dooms our unheralded hero by scooping his book on Wonder Woman.

  • Neuroscience Is Ruining  the Humanities 1

    The Shrinking World of Ideas

    In probing our brains, we’ve lost our minds.

  • Tangled Up in Bob 1

    Tangled Up in Bob

    Would permissions prove a problem for a book on Dylan?

  • Life Is Good, but That’s  Just the Start of the Argument 1

    Life Is Good Premium Link

    That, at the individual and species level, is why we should protect it.

  • Fools For Tools 1

    Designs for Living Premium Link

    Engineers must cultivate their inner philosophers.

  • Leo Strauss,  Peacenik? 1

    Book Review: Realbootlik Premium Link

    A book tries to pretty up Leo Strauss's legacy.

  • 6113-McFee

    Remembrance of Students Past Premium Link

    You can have your online spreadsheets. Bittersweet recollections live in old-fashioned gradebooks.

  • 6113-BK-Religion

    New Scholarly Books Premium Link

    Descriptions of the latest books, divided by category.