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  • Piketty

    Capital Man

    Thomas Piketty’s new book is not just a novel argument about inequality but a pointed rebuke to his field.

  • 6031-Academic-Celebrities-Main

    The New Academic Celebrity

    Theory thumpers are so 90s. What TED and the rest of the “ideas” circuit prize are upbeat wizards of science and social science.

  • White-Collar World 1

    Paper Pushers

    C. Wright Mills foresaw the plight of today’s politically feeble, emotionally brittle white-collar masses.

  • How Philosophy Makes Progress 1

    Is Philosophy Obsolete?

    No. It helps make us coherent to ourselves, and that’s a never-ending project. 

  • 6031-Lieberman

    Heads Together Premium Link

    Online or off, learning’s more successful when it’s more social.

  • Oxford Memories 1

    Oxford in the Fifties Premium Link

    A literary critic recalls a daunting realm of elitism and eccentricity. 

  • Smudging 
the Color Line 1

    Book Review: Color Her Complex Premium Link

    The interwar memoirs of the expat Anita Reynolds reflect her puckish parrying of racial categorization.

  • 6031-Van Gogh

    Weekly Book List, April 18, 2014 Premium Link

    Descriptions of the latest books, divided by category.

  • Do We Know 
Philip Roth? 1

    Do We Know Philip Roth?

    He’s sprinkled doppelgängers all over his work. But they amount to an ingenious camouflage.

  • Alone in the Cosmos 1

    Alone in the Cosmos

    Fine, so Earth is a speck of cosmological dust. But it’s our speck, and we should prioritize accordingly.

  • The Upside of Narcissism 1

    The Upside of Narcissism Premium Link

    When American social critics adopted the psychoanalytic concept almost a half-century ago, they forgot the good part.

  • Alumni Relations: a Horror Story 1

    Alumni Relations: a Horror Story Premium Link

    Dear alma mater, if you’re going to interrupt my dinner 
and patronize me, at least get my name right. 

  • History 
in the Heartland 1

    Book Review: Taking Heed of the Heartland Premium Link

    Jon K. Lauck has written a history of Midwestern histories.

  • BK-6030-Film studies

    New Scholarly Books Premium Link

    Descriptions of the latest books, divided by category.

  • A Caricature, Not a Critique

    The author of "Through a Screen Darkly" challenges Toby Miller’s review.