For Students, Expectations About Academic Rigor Are Far From Universal

About half of all freshmen say their courses pushed them to do their best work, according to this year’s National Survey of Student Engagement.


How 4 Missouri Professors Are Teaching About a Free-Speech Furor

A professor drew widespread scorn for trying to block reporters from covering the unrest that recently gripped the campus. Some faculty members are raising the incident in their classrooms.



To Stop Exam Cheats, Economists Say, Try Assigning Seats

An algorithm to tease out evidence of copying among students uncovered a correlation between shared answers and chosen deskmates.



As Campus Gun Violence Increases, So Do Professors' Fears

Gallows humor masks feelings of helplessness and anger as faculty members speculate on the grim probability of more classroom shootings.



How a Law Seminar Inspired a Student to Bring a Case to Europe’s Top Court

A landmark privacy-rights decision resulted from a Facebook representative's visit to a law-school classroom at Santa Clara University. A professor there describes what happened.



Should a Syllabus Ever Tell Students What Not to Say?  

A handful of instructors have recently drawn fire for issuing guidelines on the use of certain words. The debate is a critical one, scholars say.



Faculty Members See Promise in Unified Way to Measure Student Learning  

The findings of a nine-state study will help policy makers and colleges compare academic quality across institutions, say researchers.



The Unwritten Rules of College  

To help students learn, one university tries to make teaching transparent.



U. of Georgia Bets $4.4 Million That Small Classes Can Bolster Learning  

The university will hire more teaching-focused faculty members and cut enrollments in hundreds of courses.


These Videos Could Change How You Think About Teaching

Michael Wesch believes that college teaching should transform the learner. He’s sharing that philosophy through short videos on his new website, My Teaching Notebook.



A Year of Racial Tumult Brings Potent Lessons — and Risks — to the Classroom

Scholars of race have seized on social movements like #BlackLivesMatter to enliven their courses. But their efforts have taken a personal toll.


In Assigning Group Work to Students, Designing the Group Comes First  

Recent research shows that if teams and assignments are structured carelessly, they can be counterproductive.


U. of Texas Campus Seeks to Retain Students Through Data and Personal Coaching  

The system’s new Rio Grande Valley campus hopes to use TEx, or "Total Educational Experience," to keep students in science, technology, and related fields.



Everyone Complains About Evaluations. A Nobel Laureate Offers an Alternative.  

Carl Wieman argues that the best indicator of teaching effectiveness lies in the use of techniques known to improve student outcomes.


How a Cultural Moment Becomes a College Course: The Case of Deflategate

It didn't take long for the New England Patriots' surreal scandal to end up in a course catalog. But a professor and a dean say their class is much more than a simple gimmick.



How Exams Improve Students' Access to Their Brains  

Cumulative finals are important, says one expert on learning and memory. But professors can help students even more by also requiring frequent, low-stakes quizzes.



To Attract Students, Professors Produce Hollywood-Style Previews  

Though some academics may despair at the idea of "branding" their courses, promotional videos are taking hold.



A Guide to the Flipped Classroom

"Flipping" has become a buzzword. Maybe a colleague down the hall is trying it, or you're thinking about it yourself.

We've published features and advice looking at the issue from a variety of perspectives, and we've collected the best of those articles in a convenient booklet.



When Colleges Abandon Phys Ed, What Else Is Lost?

Regular exercise is key to cognitive development. But more and more, higher education is leaving the body behind.


Think Students in Your Class Might Be Cheating? Here’s What to Do  

With cheating investigations under way at Dartmouth College and Duke University, we asked the experts what every professor should know.