How Much Can Campus-Crime Reports Tell Us About Sexual Assault?  

Nine out of 10 colleges reported no rapes on their campuses in 2014 under the law known as the Clery Act. What that means depends on who's weighing in.



Torn Over Tactics: Activists Refine Their Demands as Protests Over Racism Spread  

Backlashes on some campuses and compromises on others have prompted some student activists to settle for less.



Why So Many New Graduates of Elite Colleges Flock to the Same Kinds of Jobs  

Sure, financial, consulting, and tech firms recruit heavily. But universities themselves play a key role in structuring the pathways to those careers, according to new research.


How Mental-Health Care Entered the Debate Over Racial Inequality  

Minority students face unique psychological challenges, protesters and psychologists say, and so need unique mental-health services.



'I'm Gonna Rise Above What I Was Doing'

Chicago taught Tavaris Sanders how to survive among gang members. Is there room for him to thrive at a liberal-arts college?



At Kansas, Student Leaders Take the Blame for Racial-Climate Concerns  

Three student-government leaders are facing calls to resign after some of their peers criticized how they responded to activists’ demands.



Colleges in Missouri Navigate an Uncertain Landscape for Undocumented Students  

The legislature has made children of illegal immigrants ineligible for state scholarships and in-state tuition rates. Colleges have limited options to help such students, but some are trying.


Cranking Out Credentials — but What About Quality?  

Technical colleges in Utah drew criticism for including short-term training programs in their completion numbers. But with colleges under pressure to produce more graduates, the flap illustrates a bigger debate over what counts as a high-quality degree.


How Concerns Over Race and Casting Brought Down a Campus Play

Clarion University of Pennsylvania was days away from staging a production of Jesus in India when the playwright learned that three key roles would not be played by Asian students. Acrimony and injured feelings ensued.



How the Missouri Protests Might Change the Game for Other Colleges

A historian of student activism discusses the possible effects of this week’s events at the University of Missouri on student unrest at other campuses.



Facing Protests About Racial Climate, Another Campus Administrator Steps Down

Mary Spellman, dean of students at Claremont McKenna College, resigned after her comments in an email to a student prompted protests and hunger strikes.



When Pursuing Diversity, Victory Is Hard to Define  

Across the country, students are demanding that colleges become more inclusive of minorities. But changing a racial climate is a long-term struggle.



At Yale, Painful Rifts Emerge Over Diversity and Free Speech  

A series of controversies has boiled over into angry accusations that the university has not sufficiently supported minority students and has not done enough to eliminate racism from the campus.



Universities Set Up Legal Clinics to Help Student Innovators  

Ideas that push the status quo can sometimes run afoul of the law. More institutions are stepping up to help their entrepreneurs defend their work.


High-School, Community-College, or For-Profit Degree? Employers May Not Have a Preference  

Recent graduates of for-profit colleges were no more likely to generate hiring interest than their community-college peers, or even those who had completed only high school, a new study found.



How to Talk to Regular People About What’s Happening to College Prices

The latest data on college costs show that they continue to climb. But what’s an ordinary person to make of that news? Here are four experts’ views.



How Many College Students Are Going Hungry?  

The more researchers study "food insecurity" on campuses, the more serious the problem appears to be.



One State's Big Shift Away From Remedial Courses Leaves Questions for Colleges Everywhere  

Tennessee’s embrace of a "corequisite" approach put it at the forefront of a national movement. But some experts worry that the state moved too fast and might leave some students behind.


What Colleges Need to Know About Lead Generation  

A Federal Trade Commission event will explore the practice, including its murky but significant role in higher education. We take stock of the industry.



At Public Universities, Muslim Students Search for a Place to Pray  

Many of them face the same challenge: how to ask for a quiet spot to pray in private. College officials aren’t always sure how to respond.