80 Selective Colleges Unveil Plans for a New Application — and Inspire Some Skepticism

The group hopes its innovations will put more young people on the path to college earlier. But some experts question whether the effort will really expand access.


Evangelical Group’s Taunts Reopen Dialogue on Racial Tensions on One Campus  

A confrontational preacher’s group stirred up students at DePauw University last week. After the clash, the real issue for some became how police officers had interacted with the counterprotesters.



Amid Debate on Free Speech and Safe Space, Wesleyan Students Seek to Hear More Voices  

Students are questioning where to draw the line between freedom of speech and ensuring that minority students do not feel devalued.



One Hazing Death, Dozens of Charges, and Questions About Making a Frat Come Clean  

A tangled investigation highlights the many challenges prosecutors face in some cases.


A New Tool Offers Insights Into What Works (and Doesn’t) to Curb Binge Drinking

College officials can use the tool to compare strategies for preventing underage and dangerous alcohol use, based on what research says about their effectiveness and cost.


1 in 4 Female Undergrads Experienced Sex Assault or Misconduct, AAU Survey Finds

The results provide a sweeping look at the prevalence of sexual misconduct on campuses. But some experts said it might be hard to compare the findings to others.



Can a Debate About Who Should Decide Campus-Rape Cases Change Minds?  

Four law professors tried to persuade a live audience in New York to side with either courts or colleges.



A University System Makes a Big Push to Strengthen Diversity on Its Campuses

The State University of New York is expected to approve a sweeping new policy that seeks to make its campuses more welcoming to a range of underrepresented groups.



Bystander Intervention: Not Just for Sexual Assault  

The University of Texas asks students to step in on other scenarios, like suicide threats, binge drinking, and academic dishonesty. Other universities are following suit.



What ‘Yes Means Yes’ Means for Colleges’ Sex-Assault Investigations  

Affirmative-consent rules set clear standards for what’s required of students. They’re also changing how colleges adjudicate alleged assaults.



'Ask Me': What LGBTQ Students Want Their Professors to Know

Transgender and gender-nonbinary students share what keeps them from feeling safe and thriving on campus.



How One University Keeps Tabs on Students Who Defer Enrollment or Take a Leave  

After the Mormon Church lowered the minimum age requirements for missionaries, Utah State University stepped up its efforts to stay connected.



Video: How One University Uses a ‘Mental-Health Kiosk’ to Reach Students

Drexel University has become the first American college to deploy a touch-screen station on its campus to engage students on mental-health issues.



How One University Uses New-Student Orientation to Talk About Sexual Assault  

A training session at the University of Richmond highlights one way colleges are educating students.


Tuition Discount Rates Rise Again, Signaling Potential Challenges for Private Colleges

Even though the colleges kicked in more grant aid, only about half of them were able to bring in more freshmen than the year before, according to an annual survey.



Through Care and Camaraderie, a University Tries to Keep Homeless Students on Track

Keeping the students can require tutoring, help with financial aid, and emotional support.



How to Help the Students With No Homes?

Tens of thousands of students qualify as "unaccompanied homeless youth." The students’ message to colleges: Improve your policies.



Why College Affordability Is So Difficult to Define  

Paying for college is personal, and there are few guidelines that apply to families of different means.


New Campus-Safety Assessment Tool Aims to Help Colleges Help Themselves

A series of free surveys is the first part of an effort to bring best practices on a variety of safety issues to institutions of all sizes.



Colleges Under Investigation for Sexual Assault Wonder What Getting It Right Looks Like  

Federal reviews may take years, and resolution agreements often come with dizzying lists of steps to comply with the law.