At the End of a Watershed Year, Can Student Activists Sustain Momentum?  

The protesters who made race on campus a nationwide issue certainly intend to keep up the pressure. They’re recruiting a new generation of leaders, placing students on campus committees, and boning up on administrative bureaucracy.


Among Greek Groups, Efforts to Curb Drinking Have Little Effect

Members of fraternities and sororities who participated in alcohol-education programs drank just as heavily as before, sometimes even more heavily, a study finds.



‘Yes’ to Sex? Students Consider What That Looks and Sounds Like  

The standard of "affirmative consent" in sexual encounters has spread to many campuses, but students are still trying to figure out how to apply it.



As Consent Rules Change, Big Questions Come to the Surface  

Hundreds of colleges and a few states have adopted policies requiring affirmative consent. An unusual conference in Texas highlighted moral and philosophical objections to the new approach.



Read More About 'Yes Means Yes'

Affirmative-consent rules are intended to set clear standards for what’s required of students. And they're changing how colleges adjudicate alleged assaults. 



Behind Some Campus Protests, a Team of Paid Professionals  

An online petition site is changing how some student activists operate by offering them free coaching, advice on how to "optimize" their demands, and even protest posters.



At Harvard, All-Female Groups Claim Collateral Damage in Crackdown on Final Clubs

They say their organizations were an afterthought in a university policy aimed at forcing men’s clubs to invite women as members.


Linked to ‘Terrorism’ by Campus Posters, Some Students Say Universities Don’t Have Their Backs  

The institutions say there’s only so much they can do in response to speech that is protected, even when it’s confrontational.



Despite Kansas Chancellor's Veto, Activists Will Keep Pushing for Multicultural Student Government

They saw their goal of creating the first-of-its-kind government take a hit last week. But Jyleesa Hampton, a graduate student and campus organizer, says the fight is far from over.


A Rape Allegation Unsettles 2 Colleges That Share a Close Bond

An accusation against four unnamed Morehouse College students has prompted an intense debate there and at nearby Spelman College. The sensitivities run deep.


Timing of U. of Iowa’s Alert to Students of a Possible Hate Crime Fuels Racial Tensions

The university was under no obligation to disclose a student's report that he was attacked off-campus. But some students say they should have learned about it from their institution, not TV coverage.



Video: What Does Work Add to the Learning Environment?  

Warren Wilson College emphasizes “applied learning” as a way to keep work and service relevant.



Should Everyone Go to College?  

For poor kids, "college for all" isn’t the mantra it was meant to be. The national push may be doing more harm than good.



Students Vent Frustrations as Yale Leaves a Slavery Champion’s Name Intact

The decision to retain the name of Calhoun College has touched off a passionate reaction at a university that has faced months of racial unrest.



How Young Republicans on One Campus Are Adapting to a Fractured Party

From a more progressive band of conservatives to "Terps for Trump," the University of Maryland at College Park’s Republican groups mirror the national divide.



An Accused Student’s Lawsuit Takes Aim at Education Dept.’s Title IX Guidance  

A male athlete who was found responsible for sexual misconduct asserts that his university mistreated him because of pressure from the government. Some experts doubt, however, that federal guidance is compelling colleges to side with accusers.


7 Questions About a New Test-Prep Venture  

ACT Inc. and Kaplan Test Prep say their new online instructional service will help democratize the college-preparation process. Here’s how it will work.



A Sex-Assault Case at Brigham Young Puts Honor Codes in the Spotlight  

Do codes of conduct, especially those at faith-based institutions, discourage students from speaking up about sexual assault? The university is wrestling with that question as it investigates one student who reported a rape.



In a Year Defined by Demands, Mizzou Seniors Make One More: Beer

How the Class of 2016 persuaded the alumni association and the university to give each graduate a pint of beer.



After Protests Over Race, Kansas Experiments With a Multicultural Student Government  

Much remains unclear about how the new body will function. But the aim is to give a place at the political table to students who have felt disenfranchised by the university’s Student Senate.