Are Struggling College Students Like Cuddly Bunnies That Should Be Drowned?

A trip down the rabbit hole of a scandalous analogy.



Protecting Student Journalists in a New-Media Era

A campaign for state laws guaranteeing the First Amendment rights of student journalists portrays unrestricted campus newspapers as a welcome antidote to unaccountable social media.



Today’s Freshman Class Is the Most Likely to Protest in Half a Century

An annual survey, now in its 50th year, found that first-year students of all races reported being more likely to take part in demonstrations than just a year before.



A Closer Look at 7 Common Requirements in Resolved Federal Sex-Assault Inquiries  

As Title IX complaints have multiplied, the government has issued more-expansive mandates for the colleges it has investigated.


‘It’s Terrifying to Do Something Like This’: Ex-Sorority Member Broadcasts Concerns About Greek Life

When a Syracuse University senior wanted to air her grievances about body-shaming among women, she turned to YouTube. She talks about what happened next.


In Airbnb Era, Colleges Count on Housing Contracts to Deter Dorm-Room Rentals

As students post offers on the site, colleges revisit their policies to make sure the practice is forbidden.


In a Charged Climate, Colleges Adopt Bias-Response Teams  

Groups designed to respond quickly to offensive speech on campuses are becoming more popular. Here’s what they do.



Why ‘Nudges’ to Help Students Succeed Are Catching On  

Getting into and through college involves a string of complex decisions. Researchers are increasingly using behavioral interventions to help.



Students' Demands Go Beyond Black and White  

Many of the recent protests over campus diversity have focused on the concerns of black students. But Latino and Asian students are raising their voices, too, and their interests can differ.



Wanted: High-Character Students  

Dozens of colleges have endorsed a plan to promote — and reward — "ethical engagement" in admissions. Praise for the campaign, though, is hardly universal.



What an Elite French Institute Can Teach American Colleges About Diversity  

Recruiting from the immigrant suburbs of Paris, Sciences Po has enrolled more minority students by focusing on socioeconomic status rather than race.


The 13 Best ‘Onion’ Stories About Higher Education

The satirical news website has beefed up its coverage of academe, sending up not just absent-minded profs and hard-partying frats but issues like adjunct labor and free college. We're all the richer.



How 46 Title IX Cases Were Resolved

Since the Education Department signaled stricter enforcement of the gender-equity law in 2011, it has resolved some four dozen cases involving alleged sexual violence on campuses. Our new Title IX tracker lets us compare those outcomes.



Many Black Students Don’t Seek Help for Mental-Health Concerns, Survey Finds

The national poll sheds light on racial disparities between students who feel prepared for college and those who don’t.


Foundation Urges Admissions Offices to Create a ‘Poverty Preference’

Selective colleges could do more to recognize the accomplishments of high-achieving students who have displayed persistence in overcoming obstacles, researchers argue in a new report.


As Federal Sex-Assault Investigations Multiply, Resolutions Remain Elusive

Nearly 250 cases are open now or have been resolved since the Education Department stepped up the pressure on colleges, in April 2011. How colleges end up under scrutiny and how long they will remain there can seem mysterious.



We Asked for Your Videos on Campus Traditions. Here Are the Best.

Our favorite submissions profile a secret society that promotes school spirit, a football TV show that comes with its own huddle, and a colorful campus melee.



What America Can Learn From Australia’s Student-Loan System  

Australia has long operated a fully income-based repayment program, which countries like Britain have adapted. Now experts want the U.S. government to do the same.



In Defense of 'Slacktivism'  

Even as campus activism has intensified, popular dissent sometimes seems to go no further than the mouse pad. But it's worth taking even those lightweight protests seriously, says a professor who studies "slacktivists."



What It's Like to Be Black at the U. of Missouri  

Students on the flagship campus say they are used to feeling invisible at times, singled out at others. They are hardly alone.