Special Reports

Diversity in Academe: Transgender on Campus

View the rest of our coverage of the voices of transgender students and academics as they gain visibility on campuses and elsewhere.


The Killings at Umpqua

Read our coverage of the shootings at Umpqua Community College


Special Reports

Today's Anguished Students—and How to Help Them

Explore the forces behind the growing wave of students with mental-health struggles, and what innovative campuses are doing about it. 



Special Reports

Next: The Credentials Craze

A special report on badges, certificates, and microdegrees—and how colleges aren't the only gatekeepers any longer.


Special Reports

Diversity in Academe: First-Generation Students

This special report focuses on the challenges facing first-generation students, whose numbers are growing as demographics shift.


Special Reports

The Almanac of Higher Education 2015-16

See the latest figures on salaries, enrollment, endowments, and graduation rates, along with new data on scholarly productivity, Pell Grant recipients, and outcomes for students at two-year colleges.



How Can You Fix Your Writing?

There’s a decent chance you’ve read Steven Pinker’s provocative essay on why scholarly prose tends to be so convoluted. But you can probably think of a colleague, a grad student, or a friend who could use a little straight talk on the subject.

Download a booklet that’s designed to be shared. In it, Pinker diagnoses what ails academic writing, and then four experts offer advice on potential cures.


Special Reports

Great Colleges to Work For 2015

See the complete list of colleges and exceptional performers on the Honor Roll, search particular categories, see how answers to questions differed among types of employees, and learn about the survey's methodology. ModernThink LLC administered the survey for The Chronicle and compiled all survey-related content.


Special Reports

The Digital Campus: Tech Innovators 2015

Learn about cutting-edge developments and how to make your campus more digital in theThe Chronicle’s 2015 Digital Campus Report.


Special Reports

A Reader's Guide to Campus Sexual Assault

Campus sexual assault is a focus of public discussion, and colleges are under pressure to improve prevention and response. Download a Chronicle primer that you can share with colleagues.


Special Reports

The Trends Report: 10 Key Shifts in Higher Education

The Chronicle’s Trends Report is a resource that college leaders will open again and again during the year to help them rise to new challenges.



A Guide to the Flipped Classroom

"Flipping" has become a buzzword. Maybe a colleague down the hall is trying it, or you're thinking about it yourself.

We've published features and advice looking at the issue from a variety of perspectives, and we've collected the best of those articles in a convenient booklet.


Special Reports

Diversity in Academe: Black Men on Campus

In this special report, we’ve looked beyond statistics for stories that capture the complexity of black men’s experiences in academe.


Special Reports

NEXT: The Quest for Student Success

A report on innovation in academe, focused on formulas for student success. 




How to Be a Dean

What should you be thinking about if you want to become a dean? What do you need to know once you get the job? And what are some ways you can do it better? Downloading the booklet that tells you how.


The Gates Effect

How the Gates Foundation's $472-Million Is Remaking Higher Education