PicoFeed The Chronicle of Higher Education | ProfHacker http://chronicle.com/section/ProfHacker/438/ 2016-05-30T01:02:00-04:00 The Chronicle of Higher Education To Test for Accessibility, Try Navigating Without Your Mouse http://chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/to-test-for-accessibility-try-navigating-without-your-mouse/62234 2016-05-27T14:20:16-04:00 There's a simple way to test the accessibility of a website: stop using your mouse. Synchronous Online Classes--With a Little Help From My Friends http://chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/synchronous-online-classes-with-a-little-help-from-my-friends/62224 2016-05-26T08:00:37-04:00 Many of us probably regard asynchronous teaching as the norm for online classes. The guest author Rebecca J. Hogue explains how she started incorporating more synchronous sessions into her classes. Rome in a Day: A Report from the Annual Meeting of the American International Consortium of Academic Libraries http://chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/rome-in-a-day/62136 2016-05-25T08:07:39-04:00 Maha Bali recaps her one-day intensive conference experience in Rome, where she met Jim Groom.   Six Tips For a Successful First Year as a Writing Program Administrator http://chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/six-tips-for-a-successful-first-year-as-a-writing-program-administrator/62193 2016-05-24T08:00:32-04:00 Directing a writing program while being a new faculty member can be a challenge. The guest author Leigh Graziano offers some suggestions for survival. 4 Suggestions for Planning a Productive Summer http://chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/productive-summer/62165 2016-05-23T08:00:24-04:00 With summer upon us, Anastasia Salter shares the strategies she's using to keep research and writing on track. Leaving the LMS to Make Course Remixing Possible http://chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/leaving-the-lms-to-make-course-remixing-possible/62180 2016-05-20T08:00:33-04:00 It's hard to value open educational resources if your course is locked away in an LMS. Here's how a professor recreated his entire LMS course as a single, fast-loading webpage. GAAD 2016: Raising Awareness About Accessibility http://chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/gaad-2016-raising-awareness-about-accessibility/62169 2016-05-19T08:00:08-04:00 Global Accessibility Day is a day to get people talking, thinking, and learning about digital accessibility and users with different disabilities.   Teaching While Learning: What I Learned When I Asked My Students to Make Video Essays http://chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/teaching-while-learning-what-i-learned-when-i-asked-my-students-to-make-video-essays/62153 2016-05-18T08:00:06-04:00 The guest author Janine Utell argues that sometimes the most rewarding teaching takes place when you’re learning as the students are learning, when failure is possible but totally OK, and when you’re able to share a new interest of your own in the classroom. Text a Lot from iOS? Why You Might Want to Try Google's GBoard http://chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/text-a-lot-from-ios-why-you-might-want-to-try-googles-gboard/62149 2016-05-17T10:48:43-04:00 Google has released a new 3rd party keyboard for iOS, and it's actually both useful and non-invasive. Here are the details. Converting Courses for Accelerated Summer Sessions http://chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/converting-courses-for-accelerated-summer-sessions/62099 2016-05-16T08:00:12-04:00 With the summer semester nearly upon us, Anastasia Salter takes a look at strategies for transforming classes to fit the demands of accelerated summer schedules. The Importance of Reflection When Learning Technical Skills http://chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/the-importance-of-reflection-when-learning-technical-skills/62125 2016-05-13T09:42:55-04:00 Learning a new operating system is more than just training yourself to learn a few keyboard shortcuts. You also have to understand what you'd like to do, and why. 10 Ways to Make Tech New Again (and Your Soul Shiny) http://chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/?p=62109 2016-05-10T13:49:30-04:00 The guest authors Jesse Stommel and Sean Michael Morris offer a simple 10-step activity to critically rethink our use of digital tools. And pedagogical tools. And a lot else, besides. Challenging Openness & Innovation - Takeaways from #OER16 & #OLCInnovate http://chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/challenging-openness-innovation-takeaways-from-oer16-olcinnovate/62072 2016-05-05T08:00:41-04:00 Maha Bali reflects on two conferences she attended virtually: #OER16 in Edinburgh (which challenged openness) and #OLCInnovate in New Orleans (which challenged innovation). Tools for an Effective Workflow http://chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/tools-for-an-effective-workflow/62086 2016-04-28T08:00:46-04:00 We all have favorite tools for working efficiently. Amy Cavender shares some of hers, and invites readers to do the same. 5 Ways to Make End-of-Semester Grading More Enjoyable http://chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/5-ways-to-make-end-of-semester-grading-more-enjoyable/62067 2016-04-27T08:00:21-04:00 Grading might not be fun, exactly, but here are some suggestions from Maha Bali that demonstrate it need not be an unpleasant activity. Text Analysis With Voyant 2.0 http://chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/voyant-2-0/62052 2016-04-26T08:00:39-04:00 Looking at the recently updated web-based text analysis tool, Voyant 2.0. Reflecting on Grids and Gestures http://chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/reflecting-on-grids-and-gestures/62048 2016-04-25T08:20:49-04:00 Following a week of #gridsgestures comics journaling, Anastasia Salter takes a look at the results and the potential of the approach for ongoing learning. What I Learned from Student-Created Learning Taxonomies http://chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/what-i-learned-from-student-created-learning-taxonomies/62014 2016-04-18T08:00:30-04:00 Maha Bali reflects on an assignment she gave her students to create their own learning taxonomies. Thinking through Comics with Nick Sousanis's Grids & Gestures http://chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/thinking-through-comics-with-nick-sousaniss-grids-gestures/62027 2016-04-15T08:00:31-04:00 This week, Nick Sousanis is encouraging scholars, students, and aspiring artists alike to join in to share "Grids & Gestures." Anastasia Salter takes a look at this exercise. Through Another's Eyes: Troubleshooting with User Switching http://chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/through-anothers-eyes-troubleshooting-with-user-switching/62003 2016-04-14T08:00:00-04:00 Sometimes, you really need to see something the way someone else sees it. Amy Cavender points readers to a plugin that makes troubleshooting easier by letting you do just that in WordPress.