PicoFeed The Chronicle of Higher Education | Opinion http://chronicle.com/section/Opinion/40/ 2016-07-23T05:15:43-04:00 The Chronicle of Higher Education Scholars Do, in Fact, Agree on Basics of Plagiarism http://chronicle.com/blogs/letters/scholars-do-in-fact-agree-on-basics-of-plagiarism/ 2016-07-22T13:22:15-04:00 Melania Trump's speech is a great opportunity to explain what plagiarism is and why academics care about it. Funding Model Supported in Essay Does Not Preserve Public Good http://chronicle.com/blogs/letters/funding-model-supported-in-essay-does-not-preserve-public-good/ 2016-07-21T15:50:53-04:00 A better model is one in which the administration is accountable to those — deans, faculty, staff, and students – who focus on making the university a place of research and education. Why a College Should Teach Its Own History http://chronicle.com/article/Why-a-College-Should-Teach-Its/237166 2016-07-20T04:55:00-04:00 For one thing, a large course with cross-disciplinary appeal creates a sense of community that, in both short and long terms, do a college good. By Corey Ryan Earle Adaptive Learning Could Be the Tesla of Education — in a Bad Way http://chronicle.com/article/Adaptive-Learning-Could-Be-the/237171 2016-07-18T17:09:00-04:00 Ed-tech company officials who make exaggerated claims about the power of their products aren’t doing students any favors, and could end up hurting them. By Michael Feldstein Why I’m Not Joining ‘Historians Against Trump’ http://chronicle.com/article/Why-I-m-Not-Joining/237168 2016-07-18T14:00:00-04:00 A statement by the new group repudiates the discipline’s own values. By Jonathan Zimmerman Race-Conscious Admissions Policies Face More Tests After ‘Fisher’ http://chronicle.com/article/Race-Conscious-Admissions/237151 2016-07-17T18:29:00-04:00 The Supreme Court’s decision leaves the courthouse door open for every program to be judged on its particular facts. Mark G. Yudof and Rachel F. Moran Weekly Book List, July 22, 2016 http://chronicle.com/article/Weekly-Book-List-July-22/237156 2016-07-17T17:39:00-04:00 Descriptions of the latest titles, divided by category. Compiled by Nina C. Ayoub The Lessons of Brexit for the Humanities http://chronicle.com/article/The-Lessons-of-Brexit-for-the/237097 2016-07-13T05:00:00-04:00 Professors may think they can no longer live within their universities. But they certainly cannot live outside them. By Robert Zaretsky Article on Bias in Police Shootings Misconstrued Research Findings http://chronicle.com/blogs/letters/article-on-racial-bias-in-police-shootings-misconstrued-research-findings/ 2016-07-12T12:36:51-04:00 A “muddy” relationship is quite different from a “spurious” relationship. No Need for Trump to Specify He Attended Wharton as an Undergrad http://chronicle.com/blogs/letters/no-need-for-trump-to-specify-he-attended-wharton-as-an-undergrad/ 2016-07-11T14:44:15-04:00 Both programs are prestigious, with the undergrad program probably slightly edging out the graduate program. Combatting Sexual Harassment Doesn't Make One a Vigilante http://chronicle.com/blogs/letters/combatting-sexual-harassment-doesnt-make-one-a-vigilante/ 2016-07-11T14:25:30-04:00 We should dispense with the notion that one needs to be a “vigilante” or an “activist” to refuse to turn a blind eye to illegal and unethical behavior. Flagships Must Create New Models to Preserve the Public Good http://chronicle.com/article/Flagships-Must-Create-New/237055 2016-07-11T04:55:00-04:00 America built its economic strength and political vitality on the backs of its public universities. What will it take to sustain them? By Nicholas B. Dirks In Praise of Speculative History http://chronicle.com/article/In-Praise-of-Speculative/237067 2016-07-10T18:41:33-04:00 New conjectural works share a project: to broaden the scope of historical understanding beyond the thin span of written records. By Frank Palmeri Weekly Book List, July 15, 2016 http://chronicle.com/article/Weekly-Book-List-July-15/237068 2016-07-10T17:46:00-04:00 Descriptions of the latest titles, divided by category. Compiled by Nina C. Ayoub Building on the Success of the ‘Fisher’ Decision http://chronicle.com/article/Building-on-the-Success-of-the/237043 2016-07-08T05:00:00-04:00 Colleges need to expand the pipeline of talented individuals, and to provide opportunities for diverse groups of young people to work together, long before they reach college age. By Marvin Krislov I Read It at the Movies http://chronicle.com/article/I-Read-It-at-the-Movies/237042 2016-07-06T18:00:00-04:00 The film Genius offers a peek into the bruising relationship between editors and authors. By Gerald Howard How We Overhauled Our Campuses Using New Markets Tax Credits http://chronicle.com/article/How-We-Overhauled-Our-Campuses/237018 2016-07-05T04:55:00-04:00 The federal program, which just got a five-year extension, handed two institutions the resources to make vital capital improvements. By Eric Norman and Walter J. Branson Weekly Book List, July 8, 2016 http://chronicle.com/article/Weekly-Book-List-July-8-2016/237014 2016-07-03T21:12:00-04:00 Descriptions of the latest titles, divided by category. Compiled by Nina C. Ayoub Take Your Time http://chronicle.com/article/Take-Your-Time/236915 2016-07-03T18:30:00-04:00 The corporate university steals it — let’s grab it back. By Maggie Berg and Barbara K. Seeber For Sterling College, in Vermont, Rural Location Is a Benefit http://chronicle.com/blogs/letters/for-sterling-college-in-vermont-rural-location-is-a-benefit/ 2016-07-01T15:06:24-04:00 Institution's president says its isolation is an essential element of its mission and curriculum, not something to be overcome.