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The Flaw at the Heart of Psychological Research  

The nature of the discipline makes statistics create headaches.


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The Ghost (Writer) in the Machine

Who wrote the first novel on a word processor, and what is the future of writing technology?



Weekly Book List, July 1, 2016  

Descriptions of the latest titles, divided by category.


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Where Conservative Ideas Come From

Historians of the right face a reckoning in the time of Trump.



The Supreme Court Frees Colleges to Sensibly Pursue Diversity

The Fisher II decision signals, in a time of deep unrest, that race matters.


5 Lessons to Take From the Fisher Decision

The Supreme Court has struck a delicate balance between judicial review and the deference due to educational judgments informed by evidence. Colleges can learn from that.


No Surprise That Tech Companies Think Colleges Should Adapt

College is still the best place to learn how to gain the intellectual strategies to moderate, mitigate, and find the meaning for oneself amid the coming wave of technology designed to make itself indispensable to the user.

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‘Trump Syllabus’ Is as White as the Man Himself

Some scholars argue that the reading list represents neither diversity nor a commitment to social justice.



Chalk Dust on the Sleeve of Her Soul

To her colleagues and students at Trinity College, Marjorie Van Eenam Butcher mattered deeply. The feeling was mutual.


No Cookie Cutting in My Classroom

If only we could measure and predict and control every possible variable in education — then what?


Student Voices Need to Be Heard in Teacher Evaluations

Students are certainly qualified to report what they observe happening in class and rendering judgments about how much they perceive they learned in the course.


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The Trump Issue

How did Donald Trump’s candidacy happen? What ideas has he upended? How is academe responding? What does his candidacy mean for the future of democracy? We asked scholars from a variety of disciplines to weigh in.



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Make America America Again  

Trump’s campaign has become a referendum on what it means to be an American.


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Pox Populi  

Forget democracy. What we need is epistocracy, where voting power is accorded by competence and knowledge.


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Poor White Politics  

Too long have elites dismissed the political reflexes of impoverished whites.


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The Clickbait Candidate  

How web analytics fueled Trump's rise.


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The Politics of Resentment  

Trump says what angry voters think.


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I, Donald

Thucydides and Plato warned us about this guy.


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Fundamental Mistakes  

This campaign is proving wrong decades of research on evangelicals.



Weekly Book List, June 24, 2016  

Descriptions of the latest titles, divided by category.