Free the Public Universities

A swirl of forces has drawn public and private universities into convergence. But onerous regulatory obstacles leave public institutions unable to compete.


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The Risk of Digital Oblivion  

What knowledge can we save? 


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When Religion Is No Laughing Matter  

Where a professor sees literary irreverence toward religion, his students see heresy.


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No Room for Surprises  

In our Googled world, everything’s an entry and nothing’s a discovery.



Faculty Members Must Play Their Part in Keeping Teaching Costs Under Control

Colleges are exploiting advances in analytical modeling to engage professors in discussions of teaching cost in relation to quality.


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The Peril of Perpetual Revenge

Does historical memory further peace or incite conflict?



Law and Engineering Should Share Curriculum

The two disciplines seem so different that their students may be reluctant to learn from one another. But the future depends on their doing so.


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When Wellness Is a Dirty Word

Why is wellness such a dirty word in academe?



Weekly Book List, May 6, 2016  

Descriptions of the latest titles, divided by category.


Institute's Housing Plan Accommodates Preservation Concerns

The Save Princeton Coalition's opposition to a faculty-housing project has led it to repeatedly misstate facts in order to paint the Institute for Advanced Study as irresponsible.


Stop Students Who Cheat Before They Become Cheating Professors

Colleges that don’t confront academic dishonesty dilute the value of education and embolden future deception.


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The Oaxaca Incident  

An American scholar. A Mexican village. The U.S. military. What could go wrong?



Breach of Ethics to Let Political Differences Affect Student Assessment

If a student performed competently in class and comported herself appropriately, she should reasonably expect a letter fairly assessing her performance.


Response to Guns on Campus Should Not Be to Sit Back and Watch

When answering if campuses and state governments should bow to the sophistries of gun sellers, one needs to be scientific and detailed.


A Moment of Clarity on the Role of Technology in Teaching  

A recent report from MIT about online education argues that the right way to use technology is to help professors do what they already do, but better.


Colleges Should Acknowledge Role in Injustice Toward Native Americans

It is good that universities are owning up to their historical connections to the trans-Atlantic slave trade, but there is still more for them to come to terms with.


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Teaching in the Time of Google  

When the world’s collective knowledge is at our fingertips, what becomes of education?


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Bring Back Military History  

Its exclusion from curricula is an abdication of colleges’ mission.


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American Ghetto

A noted sociologist explores a loaded term.


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Teacher’s Pet

Potty training a cat tests John Dewey's theory of learning.