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Academe Today 

Finding it hard to keep up with all that’s happening in academe? Academe Today, The Chronicle’s e-mailed daily report, keeps you up-to-date in a matter of minutes. Each weekday alert quickly summarizes the latest events in higher education as well as the news, career advice, and essays featured in the most current issue of The Chronicle’s print edition. All summaries include links that take you to the full-text posted on

Afternoon Update 

Each weekday The Chronicle’s editors scour the world for breaking news in higher education. Scheduled for 3 p.m., U.S. Eastern time, Afternoon Update is the perfect complement to our morning Academe Today newsletter. This short newsletter will keep you informed with up-to-the-minute headlines, and let you know what others are talking about.

Breaking News Extras 

Be among the first to know whenever significant higher education news occurs. Breaking-news extras are mailed only when The Chronicle’s editors deem an event merits special coverage.

The Weekly Briefing 

If you feel your e-mail inbox is already too cluttered and you don’t want or need daily news updates, sign up for The Weekly Briefing to stay current.

The Chronicle Review Newsletter 

The Chronicle Review e-mail newsletter is your guide to the weekly contents of The Chronicle Review. Here’s where you will find articles about intellectual debates, commentaries about the arts, and essays by prominent thinkers and writers. You’ll get links to articles as well as special online features - all delivered to you each Monday morning by e-mail.

Community College 

This is your weekly briefing on the fastest-growing segment of higher education. Here you’ll find concise reporting, unique ideas, and inside opinions that shape the thinking of everyone from administrators to adjuncts. You’ll get links to news articles, career advice, and employment opportunities -- all delivered to you each Tuesday morning by e-mail.

The Global Newsletter 

The Global e-mail newsletter is your weekly roundup of The Chronicle’s coverage of important higher-education news from around the world. The newsletter also includes links to the Worldwise blog and other commentary about international higher education.

Graduate Students 

News and advice on surviving graduate school - from planning your dissertation to navigating the job market.

On Hiring 

An indispensable weekly resource for anyone charged with hiring in academe, On Hiring contains firsthand accounts of searches, advice about the challenges of serving on search committees, and the latest trends in the academic marketplace.

The Wired Campus 

Do you find it hard to keep up with the constant changes in technology that affect everything you do? The Wired Campus is a daily round-up of education-technology news from around the Web as reported by The Chronicle and others. Get the very latest news coverage of research, legal matters, innovations, security lapses, and viruses - it’s all here concisely delivered to your in box every weekday afternoon. Also available in RSS.