PicoFeed The Chronicle of Higher Education | News http://chronicle.com/section/News/6/ 2016-06-30T13:38:25-04:00 The Chronicle of Higher Education Police Confront the Price Tag of Prepping for Guns on Campus http://chronicle.com/article/Police-Confront-the-Price-Tag/236959 2016-06-30T04:55:00-04:00 As campus carry becomes legal in Texas and active-shooter scenarios loom in the public consciousness, security officials are grappling with costs both big and small. By Emma Pettit Is Student-Loan Debt Really Holding Would-Be Entrepreneurs Back? http://chronicle.com/article/Is-Student-Loan-Debt-Really/236960 2016-06-30T04:55:00-04:00 Hillary Clinton wants to help aspiring business creators with their loans. Higher-education experts don’t think that’s the best way to help them out. By Beckie Supiano Education Dept. Releases Final Report on Corinthian Loan Discharge http://chronicle.com/blogs/ticker/special-master-delivers-final-report-on-corinthian-loan-discharge/112523 2016-06-29T16:33:38-04:00 As of June 24, the report says, the agency had approved more than 11,000 claims for student-debt relief, for a total of more than $170 million. Nearly 1 Million Community-College Students Lack Access to Federal Student Loans http://chronicle.com/blogs/ticker/nearly-1-million-community-college-students-lack-access-to-federal-student-loans/112518 2016-06-29T14:55:06-04:00 A study finds that students are pushed to take out more-expensive private loans or rely on credit cards to finance their education. Long-Struggling Dowling College Is Told It Will Lose Accreditation http://chronicle.com/blogs/ticker/long-struggling-dowling-college-is-told-it-will-lose-accreditation/112495 2016-06-29T12:54:35-04:00 The New York institution has been trying to strike a deal with an international education company to help reverse declining enrollments and avoid closing. Kentucky Governor Reveals Nominees for New U. of Louisville Board http://chronicle.com/blogs/ticker/kentucky-governor-reveals-nominees-for-new-u-of-louisville-board/112499 2016-06-29T12:29:17-04:00 Gov. Matt Bevin's list of trustees includes the founder of Papa John's Pizza. 4 Ways Cleveland’s Colleges Are Bracing for the Republican Convention http://chronicle.com/article/4-Ways-Cleveland-s-Colleges/236948 2016-06-29T04:56:42-04:00 Amid concerns over protests and other potential unrest, institutions like Cleveland State University and Cuyahoga Community College are expanding their police presence and advising students on how to stay safe. By Kelly Field Judge Tosses Ex-Fraternity Members' Defamation Suit Against 'Rolling Stone' http://chronicle.com/blogs/ticker/judge-tosses-ex-fraternity-members-defamation-suit-against-rolling-stone/112486 2016-06-29T04:55:20-04:00 The judge said none of the plaintiffs could be identified in a 2014 article, since debunked and retracted, about an alleged gang rape at the University of Virginia. Washington U. Is Fixing Its Economic-Diversity Problem. Its Next Challenge Is Parity. http://chronicle.com/article/Washington-U-Is-Fixing-Its/236945 2016-06-29T04:55:00-04:00 The university is making progress in enrolling more students eligible for Pell Grants. Now it is wrestling with how to better support low-income students once they enroll. By Vimal Patel What Happens When Your Research Is Featured on ‘Fox & Friends’ http://chronicle.com/article/What-Happens-When-Your/236949 2016-06-29T04:55:00-04:00 A foundational piece of research on microaggressions, cited as a guide by several universities, has surfaced as ammunition in the war over sensitivity in higher education. By Fernanda Zamudio-Suaréz Hillary Clinton Proposes Student-Loan Deferments for Entrepreneurs http://chronicle.com/blogs/ticker/hillary-clinton-proposes-student-loan-deferments-for-entrepreneurs/112478 2016-06-28T17:26:37-04:00 The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee suggested that they could put off federal student-loan payments for up to three years. ACT Will Change Scoring Scale for Writing Test http://chronicle.com/blogs/ticker/act-will-change-scoring-scale-for-writing-test/112468 2016-06-28T14:58:03-04:00 The optional part of the exam will now be scored on a 2-to-12 scale, but the test itself will not change. Private Urban Universities Beat Rivals in Enrollment and Revenue Growth, Moody’s Says http://chronicle.com/blogs/ticker/private-urban-universities-beat-rivals-in-enrollment-and-revenue-growth-moodys-says/112456 2016-06-28T13:21:48-04:00 They have done a better job of attracting international and graduate students than have their rural and suburban counterparts, according to a report. AAUP Rethinks How It Fights Governing Boards http://chronicle.com/article/AAUP-Rethinks-How-It-Fights/236935 2016-06-28T04:56:35-04:00 The American Association of University Professors plans to review its policies dealing with colleges’ governing boards in response to fears of ineffectiveness and controversy surrounding its sanction of the University of Iowa. By Peter Schmidt For-Profit Coalition Seeks to Bolster the Flipped-Classroom Approach http://chronicle.com/blogs/ticker/for-profit-coalition-seeks-to-bolster-the-flipped-classroom-approach/112450 2016-06-28T04:55:13-04:00 Leaders of the Flipped Learning Global Initiative believe there is a $500-million market for products related to course flipping. As Big Data Comes to College, Officials Wrestle to Set New Ethical Norms http://chronicle.com/article/As-Big-Data-Comes-to-College/236934 2016-06-28T04:55:00-04:00 Institutions collect startling amounts of information on students. Do the students have a right to know how it's being used, and should they be able to opt out? By Goldie Blumenstyk Data Mining Points Path to Helping Female and Minority Scientists http://chronicle.com/article/Data-Mining-Points-Path-to/236933 2016-06-28T04:55:00-04:00 Research from Harvard suggests that measuring "reach" — how closely one journal author is connected to others — could be a key factor in career advancement. By Paul Basken Tell Us What You'd Like to Know http://chronicle.com/specialreport/Tell-Us-What-Youd-Like-to/45 2016-06-28T00:00:00-04:00 What do you want to know about the changing education landscape? What’s exciting? What’s annoying? What buzzword or practice still eludes you? Our reporters are here to help. Israel's Ben-Gurion U. Lands $400-Million Gift for Water Research https://philanthropy.com/article/Israel-s-Ben-Gurion/236926 2016-06-27T14:37:00-04:00 The bequest, to the university's fund-raising arm in the United States, is from a couple who escaped from Nazi Germany in the 1930s. Gay College Leaders Reflect on Barriers, and How Far They’ve Come http://chronicle.com/article/Gay-College-Leaders-Reflect-on/236924 2016-06-27T04:55:56-04:00 LGBTQ Presidents in Higher Education held its second annual conference in the wake of a mass shooting that targeted gay Americans. Even in the aftermath of that tragedy, some members saw encouraging signs. By Lee Gardner