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Temple U. Adjuncts Vote to Unionize

More than 1,400 part-time faculty members at Temple will join the university's American Federation of Teachers affiliate, the Temple Association of University Professionals, roughly doubling the union local’s size.



At One College, Professors Support Students Protesting Racial Inequality

Sympathetic faculty members at Brandeis University are teaching from a syllabus devised by protesters and holding classes at the site of a sit-in.

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On Recruiter Pay, For-Profit Colleges Win One, Lose One

The Education Department says in a notice that it will no longer "proscribe compensation for recruiters" that is based on graduation rates.


How Much Can Campus-Crime Reports Tell Us About Sexual Assault?  

Nine out of 10 colleges reported no rapes on their campuses in 2014 under the law known as the Clery Act. What that means depends on who's weighing in.

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Owner of Florida For-Profit Chain Is Convicted of Theft and Conspiracy

The company, called FastTrain, was accused of enrolling ineligible students and coaching them to lie on applications for federal student aid.


Leadership & Governance

Video: Campus Libraries Rethink Focus as Materials Go Digital

President Sari Feldman of the American Library Association discusses programs that preserve tweets as well as books.

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Why Is Dartmouth Still Boiling Over a Protest That Happened 2 Weeks Ago?

Dubious claims of violence and mixed messages from the administration have fueled controversy over a library demonstration.

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Diving Coach at Towson U. Is Charged in Locker-Room Recording Incident

Members of the women's swimming and diving team discovered a smartphone recording them last month.

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Senior Official Will Leave Education Dept.

Jamienne Studley, deputy under secretary and acting assistant secretary of the Office of Postsecondary Education, will step down on December 18.

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Occidental Faculty Weighs System for Reports of Microaggressions

A proposed system for the California college is scheduled to be put before the faculty at its December 1 meeting.



Torn Over Tactics: Activists Refine Their Demands as Protests Over Racism Spread  

Backlashes on some campuses and compromises on others have prompted some student activists to settle for less.



A Virginia Tech Survivor Puts a Face on the Gun-Violence Prevention Movement

Nearly nine years ago, Colin Goddard was shot four times in a college classroom. Today, with the campus-carry debate raging, that experience helps shape his advocacy for gun-safety legislation.



Why So Many New Graduates of Elite Colleges Flock to the Same Kinds of Jobs  

Sure, financial, consulting, and tech firms recruit heavily. But universities themselves play a key role in structuring the pathways to those careers, according to new research.

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No, Your College Probably Doesn't Have a 'White Student Union'

Facebook pages that have been trumpeted as a backlash to protests over racism on campuses appear to have little connection to the colleges to which they say they are attached.

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Yoga Class Is Suspended After Students Deem It Culturally Inappropriate

A campus center run by the University of Ottawa's Student Federation alluded to the "oppression" and "cultural genocide" associated with the practice of yoga.


1966: First Issue of The Chronicle

Here's a look at the cover of our very first issue, published 49 years ago today.

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Complaint Accuses U. of Kansas Professor of Racial Discrimination in Class

Graduate students who want the professor fired say her remarks were "outright racism." The professor says she believes her comments were not discriminatory and are protected by academic freedom.

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Citing 'Rapid' Changes in Higher Ed, Kilian Community College Will Close

The South Dakota institution's president said "local initiatives along with the external competitive landscape" had put its "future in doubt."


How Well Is Hillary Clinton Tweeting? Syracuse Takes a Closer Look

A team of researchers at the university is studying social media’s effects on the 2016 presidential campaign.



The Week

What you need to know about the past seven days.



What I'm Reading: 'The Invention of Wings'

A historical novel about the fight against slavery informs the way a provost approaches decisions on campus.



Interim Chief of Diversity Looks for Path Forward at U. of Missouri

Chuck Henson, who is on leave as an associate dean at the law school, says he respects the passion and frustration of students who want change now.


Graduate Students

How One College Became Ground Zero for Grad-Student Unionization  

What began as a struggle for better working conditions at the New School now has implications for private universities nationwide.



Female Astronomers: Outsiders in Their Field  

Many say they are underestimated, discriminated against, even harassed. Some find support from one another and, crucially, from their universities.

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Student Whose Disappearance Led Md. Campus to Shut Down Is Found Dead

The student was facing possible expulsion from Washington College after an incident involving a gun. His disappearance last week set off anxieties that led the college to close for two weeks.