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Spellings Says UNC System Won't Try to Enforce Controversial Bathroom Law

The University of North Carolina's president says she will not set "guidelines or regulations that require transgender students to use the restrooms consistent with their biological sex."

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New Monitor Is Chosen to Oversee Former Corinthian Campuses

The U.S. Department of Education fired the law firm that had previously overseen the Zenith Education Group's management of the campuses, after an investigation revealed conflicts of interest.

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Ole Miss Admits Former Assistant Football Coach Helped Falsify ACT Scores

The university accepted responsibility for the NCAA's accusation and said it would fire four coaches.

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Washington State U. Woman Was Expelled After a Man Accused Her of Assault

A woman expelled for sexually assaulting a male who lived on her floor maintains she was falsely accused.



What Colleges Can Do to Diversify Their Curricula  

Student protesters at Seattle University want fewer "dead white dudes" in their curriculum. Is that possible?


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‘Fundamental Failure’ on Sexual Assaults Brings Sweeping Change at Baylor

The university’s leaders face a steep challenge in enacting the reforms that they promised after Baylor’s response to sexual violence, especially involving its football team, was found to be riddled with problems.



Baylor’s Admission of Major Mistakes on Sexual Assault Sends Shock Through Its Community

The university’s decision to demote the president and fire the football coach left activists feeling as if their voices had finally been heard.

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Norwich U. Will Allow Cadets to Wear Religious Headgear

The private military college in Vermont said it would allow a female student to wear a Muslim headscarf and Jewish students to wear yarmulkes with their uniforms.

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5 Damning Findings From the Baylor Investigation

Virtually everything that could be wrong with a university's and an athletic department's treatment of sexual assault was wrong at Baylor.

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Baylor Demotes President and Moves to Fire Football Coach Amid Sex-Assault Controversy

The announcements came amid intense criticism over how the university has handled reported rapes involving football players.

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U. of Iowa Cheating Investigation Focuses on Chinese Companies

Several students have admitted to paying the "coaching" services to take online tests for them, Reuters reports.


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With Ken Starr’s Future in Doubt, Baylor Alumni Come to His Defense  

A petition urging the regents to keep the president in office has gained more than a thousand signatures. But some say the effort is misguided.



State Lawmakers Seek to Protect Campus Speech, With Mixed Success  

Arizona bars public colleges from confining protests to "speech zones," but other states’ legislatures resist taking stands on hot-button issues like microaggressions and trigger warnings.


Independent Investigators Seek to Save Colleges From Themselves  

Whom do governing boards call when their college is under fire for mishandling a sexual assault? An outsider.


Leadership & Governance

The Fallout at Baylor

A sexual-assault controversy has led the university to demote its president and take action against members of its athletics staff. Here's how it happened, and what might come next.

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Nontenure-Track Faculty at Ithaca College Forms a Union

The college, which opposes the effort, says it will bargain in good faith with the contingent faculty members once the National Labor Relations Board has certified the results of the unionization vote.

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DePaul President Condemns Protesters Who Shouted Down Controversial Speaker

Video of the incident shows two protesters taking the stage where a Breitbart contributor was being interviewed and refusing to leave.

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U. of Akron Will Not Rehire 'Success Coaches' for Freshmen

The coaches were each paid $28,000 to $32,000 a year to follow students through their academic careers.



Why Georgetown's Randy Bass Wants to 'Rebundle' College  

Believe it or not, he says, traditional institutions have a long history of innovation. His university's project on the future of higher education intends to continue that trend.



A ‘Devastating Account’ of Diversity at Yale  

Ambitious plans and a repeated failure to execute them characterize the university’s record of confronting race, a faculty panel concludes.


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Video: A Longtime Force in Higher Education Reflects on the Changing Landscape

David Longanecker, set to retire as president of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, says colleges must become more “friendly” to low-income and first-generation students.


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Questions Swirl Amid Reports of Baylor President’s Firing

The university refused to comment on reports that Kenneth W. Starr had been ousted following a series of sexual-assault cases involving football players.

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Baylor Won't Comment on Report That Ken Starr Is Fired as President

"We will not respond to rumors, speculation or reports based on unnamed sources," the university said on Tuesday.

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Chancellor Is Criticized for Cellphone Use During Commencement

The head of the Alamo Colleges was on his phone for 40 minutes while graduates walked across the stage in front of him.



Everyone’s Waiting for Trump’s Higher-Education Platform. In the Meantime, Here are Some Clues.

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee hasn’t released a plan, but he has commented on student loans, international students, and more.