Shaking Up the Status Quo

Love it or hate it, welcome or fear it, innovation seems to be on everyone's agenda these days. But what does it really mean? This special report looks at colleges that are doing things differently—questioning the traditional degree, reinventing the academic calendar, "flipping" the classroom or physically reconfiguring it, seeking new ways to evaluate what students know, and helping them navigate life after college.

Mad About MOOC's

3 Big Ideas on Campuses

The Student 'Swirl'

Today's students often attend multiple institutions and mix learning experiences. But is academe ready for them?

Reinventing the Academic Calendar

Colleges are offering many new options to encourage flexibility.

Competency-Based Degrees in the Mainstream

The University of Wisconsin's new flexible-degree option is being watched closely.

The Virtual Classroom

Who Drives Innovation?

2 Views of ChangePremium Link

Faculty members and administrators share common ground but disagree on where academe is headed in the next decade and whether it provides good value for the money, a Chronicle survey shows.

Remaking Career CentersPremium Link

With the growing focus on jobs, career services have a new visibility on many campuses.

Inside Flipped ClassroomsPremium Link

Lectures at home, homework in class: How it works in practice, for students and for professors.

Classrooms 2.0Premium Link

New ideas call for bigger spaces, furniture on wheels, and more money.

Start-Ups BoomPremium Link

Companies offering higher-education products online are a billion-dollar industry.

The Virtual Classroom


Surviving DisruptionPremium Link

Colleges can thrive during challenging times, write Clayton M. Christensen and Michael B. Horn.

Can Professors Change?Premium Link

In an excerpt from his new book, Robert Zemsky explains why a cultural shift will require collective action.

New Faculty RolesPremium Link

Patrick T. Harker, president of the University of Delaware, thinks colleges should create a new level of teacher, an idea borrowed from the medical profession.

Educating EntrepreneursPremium Link

Universities reed to create student-business incubators that are about education, not just profit, argue Andrew Phelps and Evan Selinger.

The Virtual Classroom

Can Innovation Stick?

Shaking Up TeachingPremium Link

The Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering was created to foster innovative approaches to engineering education. How much impact can one upstart possibly have?

Forum: The Barriers to InnovationPremium Link

Seven scholarly thinkers discuss whether or not meaningful change in the academy is realistic—or necessary.