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‘Fundamental Failure’ on Sexual Assaults Brings Sweeping Change at Baylor

The university’s leaders face a steep challenge in enacting the reforms that they promised after Baylor’s response to sexual violence, especially involving its football team, was found to be riddled with problems.


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With Ken Starr’s Future in Doubt, Baylor Alumni Come to His Defense  

A petition urging the regents to keep the president in office has gained more than a thousand signatures. But some say the effort is misguided.


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The Fallout at Baylor

A sexual-assault controversy has led the university to demote its president and take action against members of its athletics staff. Here's how it happened, and what might come next.


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Video: A Longtime Force in Higher Education Reflects on the Changing Landscape

David Longanecker, set to retire as president of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, says colleges must become more “friendly” to low-income and first-generation students.


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Questions Swirl Amid Reports of Baylor President’s Firing

The university refused to comment on reports that Kenneth W. Starr had been ousted following a series of sexual-assault cases involving football players.


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Discussing Past Suicide Attempts, Cincinnati President Aims to Lessen Stigma

Santa J. Ono explains his decision to openly discuss his past battles with mental illness, including two separate occasions in which he sought to take his own life.

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What Happened Before Burlington College Threw In the Towel

Yves Bradley, chair of the college’s board, describes attempts to save the college — including a last-ditch proposal to merge with another institution — and what it was like to decide that time had finally run out.


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Video: Owning the K-12 Challenge

Nancy L. Zimpher, chancellor of the SUNY system, says it's time to rethink how public universities prepare tomorrow’s educators.


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How George Mason Became Koch’s Academic Darling  

Through his foundation, the billionaire libertarian Charles G. Koch has given millions to the university. For some faculty members, that raises concerns about his influence.


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Video: Pentagon's Research Arm Seeks Wider Relationship With University Scientists

Arati Prabhakar, director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, discusses the importance of university research and new projects involving academic scientists.


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Video: Why a 'Big-Picture Education' Has Never Been More Important

Carol Geary Schneider, who will retire in June from the presidency of the Association of American Colleges & Universities, describes what we know about a high-quality education and its greatest threats.


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At the U. of Missouri, Searching for President Everything  

After protests rocked its flagship campus, the system is seeking an executive who possesses a broad range of qualifications. The question, one faculty leader asked, "is whether any human alive can meet all of them."


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Video: Finding Advantages in Being a Really Small College

Darron Collins, president of the College of the Atlantic, explains how an institution of only 350 students can have an impact on innovation in higher education.


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Video: Howard U. Seeks to Balance Student Need and the Bottom Line

Wayne Frederick, president of the historically black university, says it needs to be more selective in enrolling students and choosing how to support them.


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Margaret Spellings Is Caught Between Her State and the Federal Government. Now What?  

The president of the University of North Carolina system is in an unusual position for a higher-education leader, after the Justice Department said UNC was violating federal law by complying with a deeply controversial state measure.


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Video: U. of Dayton Stretches Out Presidential Transition

The university has given Eric F. Spina, the new president, 10 months to learn from his predecessor, Daniel J. Curran, before taking over. In a recent conversation, the two leaders talked about the methodical changing of the guard.


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Video: A Call to Replace Adjuncts With Tenure-Track Faculty Members

Michael H. Schill, president of the University of Oregon, also talks about his plans to focus marketing efforts more on academics and less on athletics.


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In Fight Over UC-Davis Chancellor’s Future, Where Does the Faculty Stand?

Despite her mounting controversies, many faculty members say Linda P.B. Katehi should stay on as the campus leader, while others are using the opportunity to voice different concerns.


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U. of Texas Deals With a Law It Didn’t Want

Gregory L. Fenves, president of the University of Texas at Austin, doesn’t believe guns belong on campuses. But a new state law disagrees with him. In an interview, he explains how he set rules to carry out the law.


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How Choosing a Cabinet Helped Put One College President in Peril

Faculty leaders at Hope College say President John C. Knapp’s decision to ask his provost to resign caused friction with the Board of Trustees. Such disputes over personnel decisions often signal broader tensions.