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Video: Campus Libraries Rethink Focus as Materials Go Digital

President Sari Feldman of the American Library Association discusses programs that preserve tweets as well as books.


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How Missouri’s Deans Plotted to Get Rid of Their Chancellor  

R. Bowen Loftin’s resignation as chief of the flagship campus at Columbia has been cast as fallout from racial discord there. That’s not even the half of it.


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Video: How Britain Is Trying to Expand Access to Higher Education

The University of Exeter's vice chancellor speaks on what American policy makers and colleges can learn from Britain as they look to improve access to higher education for disadvantaged people.


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Video: How a President Hopes to Transform a Commuter Campus Into an Urban Research University

Mark P. Becker, president of Georgia State University, discusses the institution's success raising graduation rates and the challenges of maneuvering a fledgling football team into the highest levels of intercollegiate athletics.


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Thrust Into a National Debate on Race, 2 Missouri Chiefs Resign

A long-simmering protest movement, escalated by a hunger strike and a threatened football boycott, became the catalyst for turnover at the top.

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Racial Disparities in Higher Education: an Overview

The protests in Missouri offer a reminder that efforts to improve diversity among students, faculty members, and administrators have a long way to go.

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5 Moments That Led 2 Top Leaders at Missouri to Resign

Both Timothy M. Wolfe and R. Bowen Loftin had been called on to step down. But it was long-festering turmoil that played a critical role in their departures.

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High Pay for Presidents Is Not Shown to Yield Any Fund-Raising Payoff

Although some college boards suggest that "you get what you pay for" when it comes to presidential compensation, the argument that high salaries drive giving "appears dubious," a new study finds.


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On His First Day as U. of Iowa President, Bruce Harreld Starts in the Hole  

Professors and students have fiercely criticized the former executive and the process that brought him to Iowa City. Campus critics say it won’t be easy for their new chief to prove that he’s his own man.


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Video: For the U. of Washington's New President, Fighting Racism on Campus Is a Personal Mission

Ana Mari Cauce’s own life has been touched by prejudice and racial violence. At Washington, she’s pushing for a frank dialogue about diversity and inequality. 


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Feud at Florida A&M Has Echoes of Governance Issues at Other Black Colleges

Experts are divided on whether tensions at the university reflect problems specific to HBCUs or might have cropped up at any college with severe financial challenges.


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Questions Linger Over How UNC Chose Spellings

Faculty leaders continued to criticize a presidential search that they said left them sidelined, as some others scrutinized the former education secretary’s fitness to lead the university system.


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In Search for College Chiefs, Faculty Input Can Feel Like a Mere Formality  

Professors say their views on candidates are given short shrift. But board members say they do plenty to solicit faculty input.


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Mitch Daniels Finds Good Food and a Willingness to Change at Purdue

Purdue University's president began his job in January 2013 with no academic-leadership experience. He's learned since then that small but meaningful changes can lead to big savings for students.


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What a Margaret Spellings Presidency Might Mean for North Carolina

The former education secretary has emerged as the top candidate in a bitterly disputed and politically charged search to lead the university system. Here’s what she could bring to the table.


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When Overseeing a University System Means Defusing Lawmaker Outrage  

The University of Tennessee has been under assault from state legislators over its efforts to promote diversity and inclusion. Its president describes the view from its rocky top.


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The Attorney General Who Wants to Keep Private Colleges on Course  

Eric T. Schneiderman, New York’s top law-enforcement officer, took an activist role in forcing the struggling Cooper Union to submit to state oversight. His office plans to steer other institutions away from trouble, too.


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A Women’s College Goes Coed and Works to Preserve Its Mission

For the first time, Chatham University is enrolling men in its undergraduate programs. President Esther L. Barazzone talks about how the Pittsburgh institution is staying true to its values.

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U. of Iowa Chief’s Past Meetings With Regents Rekindle Faculty Worries

Revelations that J. Bruce Harreld met with regents before he was chosen as the university's president have again raised fears that the board had been set on hiring him.


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Talking About Talent: Jamie Merisotis on the Role of Higher Education

The Lumina Foundation's chief executive discusses his new book, his take on modernizing higher education, and immigration.