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Confronting a ‘New Normal,’ Berkeley Considers Cuts

The university must undertake a major effort to streamline its operations, its chancellor said, even as he acknowledged that some of the changes could be "painful."


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The Improvisational President  

Goucher College’s José Antonio Bowen thinks the admissions process is "insane." To fix it, he’s calling on the skills he developed as a musician.


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Video: How to Make Public Engagement a Priority at Research Universities

Public universities should deepen their engagement with their communities and make those partnerships part of their core academic missions, says Robert J. Jones, president of the University at Albany.

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Video: Restoring Stability to an Institution Rocked by Protests

The University of Missouri has never effectively dealt with the "serious scars" of systemic racism and discrimination against African-Americans, says Michael Middleton, its interim president, and he hopes to help grapple with those issues.


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Confronting a Racial Divide, Missouri’s Interim President Finds Anger, Finger-Pointing  

Nearly three months after the University of Missouri’s top two officials resigned amid student protests, Michael Middleton leads an institution still wrestling with its path forward.


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How a Freshman-Retention Plan Turned Into a PR Disaster for One Campus  

The president of Mount St. Mary’s University of Maryland has drawn fire for comments about steering underperforming freshmen from the campus. He says bad communication turned the situation messy.


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Penn State’s Abuse Scandal Still Sharply Divides Its Board  

Several trustees, highly skeptical of a report that condemned top university officials for covering up Jerry Sandusky’s crimes, are at loggerheads with those who are ready to move on.


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Faced With Extreme Demands From Defiant Protesters, What’s a President to Do?  

Talking to student activists often tempers their outrage, and can make for progress on campus issues, say presidents who have been there.


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A President's Plan to Steer Out At-Risk Freshmen Incites a Campus Backlash

Faculty members at Mount St. Mary’s University, in Maryland, are objecting to their president’s suggestion that they "drown the bunnies" to keep struggling students from making a mistake.


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Video: Calculating the Return on Diversity

Benjamin Ola. Akande, president of Westminster College (Mo.), is less interested in singing "Kumbaya" than in seeing results.



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Video: Underrepresented Minorities on the Faculty

Bernard J. Milano, president of the Ph.D. Project — a nonprofit organization committed to diversifying the faculty ranks at the nation’s business schools — talks about how the Ph.D. Project works, its track record, and why faculty diversity matters. 


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At Home on the Range, Liberty U.’s President Talks Guns and God  

While firing off a few rounds during target practice, Jerry Falwell Jr. explains that he never intended to be a spokesman for gun rights. But he is not backing down from his controversial remarks.


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32 Leaders of Private Colleges Earned More Than $1 Million in 2013

The presidents of Columbia and Penn had the largest paydays, reaching $4.6 million and $3.06 million per year, respectively.


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How a President Is Fighting Online Harassment of Minority Students

Bruce Shepard of Western Washington University speaks out about his efforts to calm racial tensions following an anonymous threat on Yik Yak to lynch the student body’s black leader.


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Video: Morgan State Leads With Its Values in Wake of Protests

David Wilson, president of Morgan State University, says the protests in Baltimore, following the death of Freddie Gray, gave the institution an opportunity to help the city heal.


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In Admissions, the Powerful Weigh In  

College leaders test the boundaries when it comes to influencing decisions, a Chronicle investigation shows.


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Video: Campus Libraries Rethink Focus as Materials Go Digital

President Sari Feldman of the American Library Association discusses programs that preserve tweets as well as books.


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How Missouri’s Deans Plotted to Get Rid of Their Chancellor  

R. Bowen Loftin’s resignation as chief of the flagship campus at Columbia has been cast as fallout from racial discord there. That’s not even the half of it.


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Video: How Britain Is Trying to Expand Access to Higher Education

The University of Exeter's vice chancellor speaks on what American policy makers and colleges can learn from Britain as they look to improve access to higher education for disadvantaged people.


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Video: How a President Hopes to Transform a Commuter Campus Into an Urban Research University

Mark P. Becker, president of Georgia State University, discusses the institution's success raising graduation rates and the challenges of maneuvering a fledgling football team into the highest levels of intercollegiate athletics.