Protecting Student Journalists in a New Media Era

A campaign for state laws guaranteeing the First Amendment rights of student journalists portrays unrestricted campus newspapers as a welcome antidote to unaccountable social media.


U.S. House Backs New Bid to Require ‘National Interest’ Certification for NSF Grants

The bill's Republican sponsor says it's meant to ensure that the grant process is transparent and accountable. Opponents see it as "another anti-science piece of legislation."



Fallout at Mount St. Mary's Spreads as Scholars Protest Firings

The American Association of University Professors and free-speech groups are among those condemning the university’s abrupt dismissal of two faculty members this week.

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Fraternity Releases Findings on Racist Chant by Oklahoma Chapter

The national office of Sigma Alpha Epsilon said it had polled all its collegiate members and "cannot confirm" that the fraternity originated the chant.

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How a Rapper Twitter-Shamed a University Into Paying Him

Talib Kweli warned University of Utah officials in an email that they wouldn't like it if he took to Twitter to get his money. Turns out, he was right.

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Acknowledging 'New Normal,' Berkeley Announces Broad Plan to Shore Up Finances

"Every aspect of Berkeley's operations and organizational structure will be under consideration," the chancellor wrote in a message on Wednesday morning.



Flagging Disciplines Reclaim Their Relevance  

Facing stagnant enrollment, some foreign-language departments remake the curriculum to demonstrate their value to students and colleges. They may have lessons for other beleaguered programs as well.



What Obama's 2017 Budget Means for Higher Ed

The president's final budget proposal includes a boost for community colleges and gives science researchers reason to worry. Here's a look at the key items. 



Inside One University's Pursuit of Nine-Figure Donations  

Northwestern University’s remarkable year illustrates how one blockbuster donation can lead to another.



Boom in Online Tutoring Means Another Cost for Many Students  

One student's perspective: "It’s Thursday night and you have two big homeworks due Friday. Your friends are going out. You’re just like, I just want to finish this, I don’t really care how this gets done."



Turmoil Continues at a Maryland Campus With a Provost’s Resignation and Faculty Firings

The dispute over a controversial retention plan pushed by the president of Mount St. Mary’s University has now sparked a round of casualties.


Congress Again Scrutinizes Colleges With Big Endowments  

Private institutions whose nest eggs exceed $1 billion are the focus of lawmakers’ questionnaires.


Education Dept. Creates ‘Enforcement Unit’ to Police College Wrongdoing

In a budget request on Tuesday, the Obama administration will ask for $13.6 million to help it react "more quickly and efficiently" to allegations of student-aid and other misconduct.


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The Improvisational President  

Goucher College’s José Antonio Bowen thinks the admissions process is "insane." To fix it, he’s calling on the skills he developed as a musician.



A Closer Look at 7 Common Requirements in Resolved Federal Sex-Assault Inquiries  

As Title IX complaints have multiplied, the government has issued more-expansive mandates for the colleges it has investigated.


The Chronicle Review

The Future of the Past  

Literature can help cure historical amnesia.

Lingua Franca

Fool 'Ish' Ways

Allan Metcalf notes a suffix that is taking on a life of its own.



A Piece of the Learning Puzzle

How the "jigsaw classroom" can help students to see a subject in both piecemeal and broad ways.



Automate This, Not That

Some technological innovations can make higher education better — just as others can make it worse.