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Video: A Longtime Force in Higher Education Reflects on the Changing Landscape

David Longanecker, set to retire as president of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, says colleges must become more “friendly” to low-income and first-generation students.



At the End of a Watershed Year, Can Student Activists Sustain Momentum?  

The protesters who made race on campus a nationwide issue certainly intend to keep up the pressure. They’re recruiting a new generation of leaders, placing students on campus committees, and boning up on administrative bureaucracy.



Everyone’s Waiting for Trump’s Higher-Education Platform. In the Meantime, Here are Some Clues.

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee hasn’t released a plan, but he has commented on student loans, international students, and more.

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Nontenure-Track Faculty at Ithaca College Forms a Union

The college, which opposes the effort, says it will bargain in good faith with the contingent faculty members once the National Labor Relations Board has certified the results of the unionization vote.

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DePaul President Condemns Protesters Who Shouted Down Controversial Speaker

Video of the incident shows two protesters taking the stage where a Breitbart contributor was being interviewed and refusing to leave.

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U. of Akron Will Not Rehire 'Success Coaches' for Freshmen

The coaches were each paid $28,000 to $32,000 a year to follow students through their academic careers.


Leadership & Governance

Discussing Past Suicide Attempts, Cincinnati President Aims to Lessen Stigma

Santa J. Ono explains his decision to openly discuss his past battles with mental illness, including two separate occasions in which he sought to take his own life.



Where Does the Regional State University Go From Here?  

Reeling from financial crises, the workhorse of public education is being reshaped on the fly.


Regional Publics Cast Wider Nets and Rethink Retention  

The universities aren’t aggressively recruiting in faraway states, but they are reaching beyond traditional boundaries and trying other strategies to hit enrollment goals.

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Asian-American Groups Accuse Brown, Dartmouth, and Yale of Bias in Admissions

The groups are seeking to end the colleges' consideration of race in admissions, curtail their use of subjective admissions criteria, and disclose the qualifications of their applicant pools.



‘It’ll Never Stop!’ Linguistics Scholar Warns of Great Emoji Flood

The demand for new emoji has made the work of the Unicode Consortium, which develops standards for the display of text in software, newly relevant. But has it gotten out of hand?


The Chronicle Review

Radicalized Islam, or Islamicized Radicalism?  

Is radicalized Islam or Islamicized radicalism the menace? Perhaps both.



Let Accreditors Do What Does the Most Good for Students

Accrediting agencies need to resist the Education Department’s efforts to misuse the data they collect.


Real Threat to Research Access Is Stagnation of Public Funding

It is essential that all involved hone the message that research, together with our community's activities to communicate the best research through peer-reviewed publications, pays off on any measure of return on initial investment.



From Bench Science to Development Specialist

How a Ph.D. in physiology decided to pursue a fund-raising career for a scientific society.



The Professor Is In: How Should I Reintroduce Myself?

A Ph.D. wonders how to approach applying for her “dream job” at her undergraduate alma mater.