Leadership & Governance

Gay College Leaders Reflect on Barriers, and How Far They’ve Come  

LGBTQ Presidents in Higher Education held its second annual conference in the wake of a mass shooting that targeted gay Americans. Even in the aftermath of that tragedy, some members saw encouraging signs.


Video: N.C. ‘Bathroom Bill’ Is Discriminatory

Randy Woodson, chancellor of North Carolina State University, says a controversial law that requires transgender people to use bathrooms corresponding to the gender listed on their birth certificates is discriminatory and could damage his campus's standing in the scholarly community.



Admissions & Student Aid

As ‘Fisher’ Churned, Conversations About Campus Diversity Evolved  

Shifts in economics and student demographics, along with resurgent activism, have altered the tenor of the discussion about affirmative action over the past eight years.

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U. of Chicago Faculty and Students Protest Layoffs of Departmental Aides

Some question the university’s explanation that the layoffs are necessary to maintain spending on academic priorities.

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U. of S.C. President Says Fraternities May Be Able to Avoid Ban on Pledging

The president said he wasn’t a “strict proponent” of eliminating pledging, but he also expressed frustration with fraternities’ repeated misconduct violations.



1995: The Birth of bell hooks

This is how an English professor’s literary pseudonym took on an outspoken life of its own.



Race-Conscious Admissions Policies Just Got Easier to Defend  

The U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of the University of Texas both fleshes out how colleges can stay out of legal trouble and blunts some of the weapons used to attack affirmative action.

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3 Key Takeaways From the Supreme Court's Decision on Race-Conscious Admissions

The University of Texas at Austin is not off the hook, even though its holistic process is legal, the majority ruled. But this was not a sweeping affirmation of affirmative action.



Supreme Court Deals Blow to Obama’s Immigration Plan — and to Hopes of ‘Dreamers’

A deadlocked vote by the justices preserves a lower court’s ruling against a proposal that would have shielded from deportation many parents and siblings of college students.


Federal Panel Votes to Shut Down an Accreditor Blamed for Failures of For-Profit Higher Ed

The recommendation to strip the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools of its federal recognition won’t be the final word. But it starts a process that could lead to the agency’s demise.



Can a City's Compassion Remedy Educational Inequity?  

Louisville, Ky., wants to be known for sending its kids, all of them, to college. And it has a plan to make that happen.



‘Fem Fog’ Fallout: Scholars Wrestle With Honoring a Colleague Tarnished by a Blog Post  

Well before Allen J. Frantzen’s comments on feminism were widely condemned by fellow medievalists, scholars started compiling a work celebrating his career. Five years later, some are getting cold feet.


South Carolina Calls Proposal to Abolish Pledging a 'Game Changer'

As it tries to confront hazing and a student’s death, the state’s flagship university proposes a new recruitment and initiation process for campus Greek life.


5 Lessons to Take From the Fisher Decision

The Supreme Court has struck a delicate balance between judicial review and the deference due to educational judgments informed by evidence. Colleges can learn from that.

Lingua Franca

Ellipses and I

Ilan Stavans tries to understand the changing nature of three little dots.


The Chronicle Review

The Flaw at the Heart of Psychological Research  

The nature of the discipline makes statistics create headaches.



On Academic Envy

It’s aggravating to experience professional jealousy. It’s even more irritating to realize it’s hampering your own work.



'Dear Forums ...': I Survived My First Year on the Tenure Track, but I'm Ready to Bail!

Also in our weekly roundup of the best conversations from The Chronicle's discussion forums: tips on structuring short online courses.