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As Mount St. Mary’s Offers to Reinstate 2 Professors, Faculty Demands President Quit

When asked if he would accept the embattled university president's offer to return, one tenured professor said, "Hell no."

Leadership & Governance

How 3 Crisis-Communications Experts Would Have Handled the Uproar at Mount St. Mary’s  

Many in academe have been quick to criticize Simon P. Newman’s response to the furor on the Maryland campus. Here’s how PR professionals would have done it differently.



Are Struggling College Students Like Cuddly Bunnies That Should Be Drowned?

A trip down the rabbit hole of a scandalous analogy.

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Texas A&M Investigates Reports of Racial Slurs Against Visiting High-School Students

The incident began when a woman allegedly asked the visitors what they thought of her earrings, which were replicas of the Confederate flag.



From the Discovery of the Century, a Journal Gets More Than 15 Minutes of Fame (and a 404)  

The stunning announcement that researchers had detected gravitational waves threw the scientific world into a frenzy on Thursday. At the center of it was one journal and an editor.

Admissions & Student Aid

Applicants Want Mix of Old and New Technology in Recruitment, Survey Finds

Teenagers still find printed letters to be helpful, and while they often want colleges to text them on their smartphones, sometimes they don’t.



Today’s Freshman Class Is the Most Likely to Protest in Half a Century

An annual survey, now in its 50th year, found that first-year students of all races reported being more likely to take part in demonstrations than just a year before.


Leadership & Governance

Confronting a ‘New Normal,’ Berkeley Considers Cuts

The university must undertake a major effort to streamline its operations, its chancellor said, even as he acknowledged that some of the changes could be "painful."



Protecting Student Journalists in a New-Media Era

A campaign for state laws guaranteeing the First Amendment rights of student journalists portrays unrestricted campus newspapers as a welcome antidote to unaccountable social media.


U.S. House Backs New Bid to Require ‘National Interest’ Certification for NSF Grants

The bill's Republican sponsor says it's meant to ensure that the grant process is transparent and accountable. Opponents see it as "another anti-science piece of legislation."



Fallout at Mount St. Mary's Spreads as Scholars Protest Firings

The American Association of University Professors and free-speech groups are among those condemning the university’s abrupt dismissal of two faculty members this week.



Flagging Disciplines Reclaim Their Relevance  

Facing stagnant enrollment, some foreign-language departments remake the curriculum to demonstrate their value to students and colleges. They may have lessons for other beleaguered programs as well.



Inside One University's Pursuit of Nine-Figure Donations  

Northwestern University’s remarkable year illustrates how one blockbuster donation can lead to another.



Boom in Online Tutoring Means Another Cost for Many Students  

One student's perspective: "It’s Thursday night and you have two big homeworks due Friday. Your friends are going out. You’re just like, I just want to finish this, I don’t really care how this gets done."


Congress Again Scrutinizes Colleges With Big Endowments  

Private institutions whose nest eggs exceed $1 billion are the focus of lawmakers’ questionnaires.


A Violation of Trust at Mount St. Mary’s

For a president to effect change at a struggling institution, he needs to be able to count on his faculty to work with him, not against him.



'Dear Forums ...': I'm Running Out of Funding

Also in our weekly roundup of the best conversations from The Chronicle's discussion forums: Should I remove the University of Phoenix from my CV?



I'm an Academic, and I Run a Fan Site

Looking for a Gene Kelly GIF? Look no further.