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‘Fundamental Failure’ on Sexual Assaults Brings Sweeping Change at Baylor

The university’s leaders face a steep challenge in enacting the reforms that they promised after Baylor’s response to sexual violence, especially involving its football team, was found to be riddled with problems.



Baylor’s Admission of Major Mistakes on Sexual Assault Sends Shock Through Its Community

The university’s decision to demote the president and fire the football coach left activists feeling as if their voices had finally been heard.

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5 Damning Findings From the Baylor Investigation

Virtually everything that could be wrong with a university's and an athletic department's treatment of sexual assault was wrong at Baylor.

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Baylor’s Athletics Director Resigns, Citing Need to Promote Healing

The resignation came days after the university announced sweeping changes in response to a scathing critique of its handling of sexual-assault allegations.



1991: Ivy League Gives Up Sharing Financial-Aid Data

The colleges, along with others, faced antitrust pressure from the Justice Department, which saw the practice as unfair to students

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Judge Orders Release of Trump U. Sales 'Playbooks' and Other Documents

Sales playbooks and other materials from Mr. Trump's defunct online real-estate training program must be released by Thursday, the judge said.



What Colleges Can Do to Diversify Their Curricula  

Student protesters at Seattle University want fewer "dead white dudes" in their curriculum. Is that possible?


Independent Investigators Seek to Save Colleges From Themselves  

Whom do governing boards call when their college is under fire for mishandling a sexual assault? An outsider.



State Lawmakers Seek to Protect Campus Speech, With Mixed Success  

Arizona bars public colleges from confining protests to "speech zones," but other states’ legislatures resist taking stands on hot-button issues like microaggressions and trigger warnings.



Why Georgetown's Randy Bass Wants to 'Rebundle' College  

Believe it or not, he says, traditional institutions have a long history of innovation. His university's project on the future of higher education intends to continue that trend.



A ‘Devastating Account’ of Diversity at Yale  

Ambitious plans and a repeated failure to execute them characterize the university’s record of confronting race, a faculty panel concludes.


Leadership & Governance

Video: A Longtime Force in Higher Education Reflects on the Changing Landscape

David Longanecker, set to retire as president of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, says colleges must become more “friendly” to low-income and first-generation students.



Everyone’s Waiting for Trump’s Higher-Education Platform. In the Meantime, Here are Some Clues.

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee hasn’t released a plan, but he has commented on student loans, international students, and more.

Lingua Franca

My Favorite Shibboleth

We all have our favorite usage myths, and Ben Yagoda's is farther/further. What is yours?



Weekly Book List, June 3, 2016  

Descriptions of the latest titles, divided by category.


True Reason Campus Group Wouldn’t Co-Sponsor Conference on Rape

It's not accurate that the Center for Women's and Gender Studies declined to participate "because of a disagreement over how the speakers and topics would be selected."



The Vitae Bookshelf: Kelly J. Baker

Five books theorizing on monsters, horror, and culture.



Say Nothing or Say No?

Are women judged more harshly for saying no than their male colleagues?