How Does a State College Survive, and Thrive, on Emergency Funding?

As public institutions in Illinois fall victim to budget gridlock, experts say short-term funding makes it difficult for administrators to plan for the future.



Arkansas’ ‘Pathways’ Program Could Be a Model for Spurring Completion

With enough financing from state and federal sources, the program could help many more disadvantaged students graduate and prosper, officials say.


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You Probably Won't Get Tenure. Get Your Ph.D. Anyway.

The one broadly marketable skill a humanist might acquire in graduate school is the ability to teach.

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Antioch U. System Dismisses Leaders at All 5 Campuses

The campuses will operate under a single board of governors, according to Antioch's interim chancellor.

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U. of Northern Colorado Admits Bias-Response Team Violated Free Speech

The university's president said it was "completely inappropriate" that a professor had been asked to avoid a sensitive topic in class.

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U. of South Florida Fires Official After Investigation Into Hiring Process

The director of the university's communications school, Samuel Bradley, was accused of hiding an inquiry into his inappropriate relationships with students at a previous job.



Is Student-Loan Debt Really Holding Would-Be Entrepreneurs Back?

Hillary Clinton wants to help aspiring business creators with their loans. Higher-education experts don’t think that’s the best way to help them out.



Police Confront the Price Tag of Prepping for Guns on Campus

As campus carry becomes legal in Texas and active-shooter scenarios loom in the public consciousness, security officials are grappling with costs both big and small.



Washington U. Is Fixing Its Economic-Diversity Problem. Its Next Challenge Is Parity.

The university is making progress in enrolling more students eligible for Pell Grants. Now it is wrestling with how to better support low-income students once they enroll.



4 Ways Cleveland’s Colleges Are Bracing for the Republican Convention

Amid concerns over protests and other potential unrest, institutions like Cleveland State University and Cuyahoga Community College are expanding their police presence and advising students on how to stay safe.



What Happens When Your Research Is Featured on ‘Fox & Friends’

A foundational piece of research on microaggressions, cited as a guide by several universities, has surfaced as ammunition in the war over sensitivity in higher education.



As Big Data Comes to College, Officials Wrestle to Set New Ethical Norms

Institutions collect startling amounts of information on students. Do the students have a right to know how it's being used, and should they be able to opt out?



AAUP Rethinks How It Fights Governing Boards

The American Association of University Professors plans to review its policies dealing with colleges’ governing boards in response to fears of ineffectiveness and controversy surrounding its sanction of the University of Iowa.


For Sterling College, in Vermont, Rural Location Is a Benefit

Institution's president says its isolation is an essential element of its mission and curriculum, not something to be overcome.


Amazon’s Quiet Dominance of Higher-Ed Learning Platforms

More and more colleges have moved their learning-management software to "the cloud." What they don’t realize is that it’s all on the same cloud.


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The New McCarthyism

Why another academic witch hunt could take off.



'Dear Forums ...': Should I Share My PowerPoint Slides With Students?

Also in our weekly roundup of the best conversations from The Chronicle's discussion forums: Do search committees really read applicants' teaching and research statements?



9 Tools for the Accidental Writing Teacher

Help for faculty members who aren’t composition instructors yet are still expected to teach writing.