Why So Many New Graduates of Elite Colleges Flock to the Same Kinds of Jobs  

Sure, financial, consulting, and tech firms recruit heavily. But universities themselves play a key role in structuring the pathways to those careers, according to new research.



A Virginia Tech Survivor Puts a Face on the Gun-Violence Prevention Movement

Nearly nine years ago, Colin Goddard was shot four times in a college classroom. Today, with the campus-carry debate raging, that experience helps shape his advocacy for gun-safety legislation.



3 Colleges Wrestle With Iconic Leaders' Legacies  

Historical figures central to the identities of Princeton, Amherst College, and the College of William & Mary are suddenly the focus of widespread protests.

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Why Is Dartmouth Still Boiling Over a Protest That Happened 2 Weeks Ago?

Dubious claims of violence and mixed messages from the administration have fueled controversy over a library demonstration.

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Diving Coach at Towson U. Is Charged in Locker-Room Recording Incident

Members of the women's swimming and diving team discovered a smartphone recording them last month.



For Study-Abroad Offices, Sexual-Assault Cases May Be Unfamiliar Territory  

Officials ask about their legal obligations under Title IX and the Clery Act when students report such incidents overseas.


How Well Is Hillary Clinton Tweeting? Syracuse Takes a Closer Look

A team of researchers at the university is studying social media’s effects on the 2016 presidential campaign.


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How Missouri’s Deans Plotted to Get Rid of Their Chancellor  

R. Bowen Loftin’s resignation as chief of the flagship campus at Columbia has been cast as fallout from racial discord there. That’s not even the half of it.



Diversity Training Is in Demand. Does It Work?  

Campus prejudice cannot be solved in an afternoon. But institutions like the University of Missouri, where racial tension has provoked a wave of protests, hope such programs can foster meaningful change.


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How Corpses Shape Culture  

In burial, the dead help give meaning to the travails of the living.


Want More Innovation? Get More Diversity

Academic departments that are more diverse may produce more unorthodox ideas and do more original work, new research shows.



Are You Communicating Well as a Manager?

Don’t rule out meetings or other tools just because they have been misused in the past.



Can I Apply for 2 Jobs on 1 Campus?

And other job-market dilemmas from readers.