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In Fight Over UC-Davis Chancellor’s Future, Where Does the Faculty Stand?

Despite her mounting controversies, many faculty members say Linda P.B. Katehi should stay on as the campus leader, while others are using the opportunity to voice different concerns.



After 3 Years, U. of Colorado Deems Its Conservative-Scholars Program a Success  

But the Boulder campus’s invitation of visiting professors of conservative thought may not work elsewhere.

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U. of New Hampshire Concedes It Shouldn't Have Bought $17,000 Table

The piece, which is worth roughly a year's in-state tuition, features a flashing LED display and was purchased to demonstrate healthy-cooking tips to students.

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U. of Louisville Will Remove Monument to Confederate Soldiers

The university's president, James R. Ramsey, said the plan was one recommendation of the campus's diversity committee.

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U. of Akron Ends Partnership Talks With For-Profit ITT

The university's president, Scott L. Scarborough, wrote in an email that he would "continue to search for appropriate ways to strengthen" Akron.



'Dear Forums ...': How Much Time Should I Spend on a Topic in Class?

Also in our weekly roundup of the best conversations from The Chronicle's discussion forums: how to manage a colleague who's overstepping her bounds; my institute's terrible work-at-home policy.



Conference Challenges for People with Psychiatric Disabilities

How to make scholarly conferences more accessible.