At One College, Professors Support Students Protesting Racial Inequality

Sympathetic faculty members at Brandeis University are teaching from a syllabus devised by protesters and holding classes at the site of a sit-in.


Graduate Students

How One College Became Ground Zero for Grad-Student Unionization  

What began as a struggle for better working conditions at the New School now has implications for private universities nationwide.


How Much Can Campus-Crime Reports Tell Us About Sexual Assault?  

Nine out of 10 colleges reported no rapes on their campuses in 2014 under the law known as the Clery Act. What that means depends on who's weighing in.

The Ticker

On Some Campuses, Protests Continue Over Thanksgiving Weekend

At many colleges, students went home for the holiday. But on at least three campuses, protests over racial climates continued. Here's an update on those protests.

The Ticker

U. of Chicago Cancels Monday Classes After Threat of Gun Violence

The FBI informed the institution on Sunday that an unknown individual had posted a threat online that specifically mentioned "the campus quad."


Leadership & Governance

Video: Campus Libraries Rethink Focus as Materials Go Digital

President Sari Feldman of the American Library Association discusses programs that preserve tweets as well as books.



Torn Over Tactics: Activists Refine Their Demands as Protests Over Racism Spread  

Backlashes on some campuses and compromises on others have prompted some student activists to settle for less.



Why So Many New Graduates of Elite Colleges Flock to the Same Kinds of Jobs  

Sure, financial, consulting, and tech firms recruit heavily. But universities themselves play a key role in structuring the pathways to those careers, according to new research.



A Virginia Tech Survivor Puts a Face on the Gun-Violence Prevention Movement

Nearly nine years ago, Colin Goddard was shot four times in a college classroom. Today, with the campus-carry debate raging, that experience helps shape his advocacy for gun-safety legislation.



The Professor Is a Drag Queen

How much do we play into the professorial stereotype that our students want us to portray?


The Chronicle Review

An Unevolved View of Gender Evolution

The latest gloss on the evolutionary biology and psychology of gender woefully distorts the research.

Lingua Franca

Proven Winners

Anne Curzan reveals some of the subtle variation in verb forms that sneaks into standard edited English.



Money Matters

What to consider in determining your compensation requirements and evaluating an offer.



Are You Communicating Well as a Manager?

Don’t rule out meetings or other tools just because they have been misused in the past.