A Rape Allegation Unsettles 2 Colleges That Share a Close Bond

An accusation against four unnamed Morehouse College students has prompted an intense debate there and at nearby Spelman College. The sensitivities run deep.


Leadership & Governance

Video: Howard U. Seeks to Balance Student Need and the Bottom Line

Wayne Frederick, president of the historically black university, says it needs to be more selective in enrolling students and choosing how to support them.



Colleges Help the Faculty Adapt Teaching for Foreign Students  

Even taking small steps, like posting lecture slides online, can help an instructor better connect with international students, say experts.

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Lake Michigan College's Board Terminates President

The college's board accused Jennifer Spielvogel, who had been in office only since January 1, of a host of violations related to her spending practices and her conduct.

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U. at Albany Expels 2 Students Involved in Racially Charged Bus Incident

The black women reported that they had been assaulted on a city bus in late January. But a police investigation later found them to have been the aggressors.

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Minnesota College System Drops Ban on Travel to North Carolina

The reversal followed the Justice Department's move against North Carolina's controversial law limiting bathroom access for transgender people.



George Mason Faculty Demands Review of University's Agreements With Donors  

Criticizing plans to rename the university's law school for Justice Antonin Scalia, the Faculty Senate called for the suspension of a pact between the school and the Charles Koch Foundation.


Timing of U. of Iowa’s Alert to Students of a Possible Hate Crime Fuels Racial Tensions

The university was under no obligation to disclose a student's report that he was attacked off-campus. But some students say they should have learned about it from their institution, not TV coverage.

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U.S. Tells UNC It Violates Federal Law by Following Controversial Bathroom Bill

The Justice Department told the North Carolina system's president, Margaret Spellings, that the university was discriminating against transgender people.



This Mongolian Teenager Aced a MOOC. Now He Wants to Widen Their Impact.

Battushig Myanganbayar enrolled at MIT after crushing one of its first massive open online courses. And he has some ideas about how they could make a real difference in the developing world.



Governor's Veto Won't End Fight Over Concealed Guns at Georgia's Public Colleges

Nathan Deal, a Republican, had supported expanding gun rights to bars and churches. But he said the legislation failed to give campuses flexibility to set their own rules.


The Chronicle Review

No Room for Surprises  

In our Googled world, everything’s an entry and nothing’s a discovery.

Lingua Franca

The Strange Saga of 'Gobbledygook'

How and when did the word start to mean obscure, bureaucratic jargon? Ben Yagoda explains.



'Dear Forums ...': Do I Need Professional Liability Insurance?

Also in our weekly roundup of the best conversations from The Chronicle's discussion forums: tips on teaching a small class; how to fix a negotiating mistake; an admin gets advice on dealing with a faculty bully.



The Magic Mix of Mentorship That Worked for Me

Good mentoring makes life easier for a student, but how that happens makes all the difference.