As Dual Enrollments Swell, So Do Worries About Academic Rigor

Courses that give high-school students college credit before they graduate are expanding rapidly. In Texas, where the idea is especially popular, many educators are watching the trend warily.



How Alabama Is Trying to Diversify Its Greek Organizations

This month the university released an "action plan" that seeks to promote inclusiveness within its traditionally white fraternities and sororities. But concerns remain about the possibility of lasting change.


Admissions & Student Aid

Behind the Shake-Up at Temple U.: A Merit Scholarship That Grew Too Fast

Though no administrators have taken the blame for the $22-million deficit that led to the president’s resignation, it’s clear that a financial-aid program had become too successful for its own good.



1999: Opening Lab Doors to Women

When a faculty-led study showed MIT that it was discriminating against women, the university did something unusual: It agreed.

The Ticker

Seattle U.’s Humanities Dean, the Subject of Student Protests, Retires

Jodi O. Kelly had been placed on administrative leave after a 22-day sit-in protest staged by students critical of the college's "Eurocentric" curriculum.

The Ticker

NCAA Questions Host Cities on Possible Discrimination

Cities that will host NCAA events or have expressed interest in doing so are being asked about local laws, regulations, or policies that might be biased.



When Pokémon Goes to Campus: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The hit augmented-reality game has prompted many colleges to jump on the bandwagon. Sometimes, though, players are finding themselves in unusual situations.



A Team of Political Scientists, a Convention Like No Other, and a Search for One Good Protest

Student researchers from Penn State arrived at the Republican National Convention expecting chaotic — and perhaps frightening — scenes of activism. Instead they got a lesson in the unpredictability of social-science fieldwork.



‘Historians Against Trump’ and ‘Historians on Donald Trump’: Scholars Sound Off About Why They Joined

Academics in the two groups say they see it as their duty to point out historical precedents for a Trump presidency and to help the public make educated choices.



Which Ed-Tech Tools Truly Work? New Project Aims to Tell Why No One Seems Eager to Find Out

Jefferson Education, an incubator affiliated with the University of Virginia, has enlisted more than 100 educators, entrepreneurs, and experts to examine why neither companies nor their customers tend to rigorously evaluate their products.


How to Hold Research ‘Rock Stars’ Accountable for Sexual Harassment

A panel on harassment in academe, particularly in the sciences, explored why it’s difficult to punish professors for inappropriate behavior and what can be done about that. Here are three themes from the discussion.



Turkey’s University Leaders Are Expected to Face Loyalty Inquiries

Turkish scholars in the United States say the recent turmoil appears to have been part of a long dispute between former allies who shared an interest in making the country more Islamic.



How One English Professor Plans to Turn Melania Trump Into a Teachable Moment

Terri Coleman, an adjunct at Dillard University, says the apparent plagiarism by the wife of the Republican nominee will make it onto her syllabus.

Lingua Franca

You Say Div-ISS-ive, I Say Div-EYE-sive

Lucy Ferriss considers the small language choices that powerful people make, sometimes consciously and sometimes without thinking.


The Chronicle Review

Police Violence, Out of Context

What a recent high-profile study about police shootings got wrong.


The Chronicle Review

The Nazi Rorschach Tests

What did the researchers who interviewed Nazi leaders in prison, after World War II, conclude?



'Dear Forums ...': How Can I Make the Most of a Visiting Assistant Professorship?

Also in our weekly roundup of the best conversations from The Chronicle's discussion forums: how to write a diversity statement.



Get Your Manuscript Out!

Peer reviewers play a key role in helping you do that, even when they say mean things.