Graduate Students

Surviving the Postdocalypse: Filling Your Knowledge Gaps

Learning to identify which skills you need for a nonacademic career — and how to acquire them — is a skill unto itself.


Graduate Students

How One College Became Ground Zero for Grad-Student Unionization  

What began as a struggle for better working conditions at the New School now has implications for private universities nationwide.

Graduate Students

$3-Million Grant Puts Ph.D. Candidates in 2-Year-College Classrooms  

Doctoral students from CUNY will teach humanities classes at a local community college, a move meant to prepare them for the country’s changing student population.

Graduate Students

What It Means When Harvard Tells Its Faculty How to Talk About Graduate-Student Unions  

The elite university has issued 15 dos and don’ts to help professors discuss unionization efforts with students.


Graduate Students

Health Care Is a New Flash Point for Graduate Students  

In response to the Affordable Care Act, some campuses have cut back on insurance coverage, leading graduate assistants to cry foul.

Graduate Students

Enrollment in Humanities Ph.D. Programs Declines as More Graduate Schools Slim Down

The number of doctoral students in the arts and humanities fell from 2009 to 2014, says a new report. For some, the change is long overdue.


Graduate Students

How the U. of Missouri Became a Hotbed for Graduate-Student Activism  

A growing protest movement on the Columbia campus shows how quickly and easily tensions can flare up over their issues.


Graduate Students

At U. of Missouri, Grad Students Rally for Better Conditions, and Faculty Come to Their Aid

An uproar over health-care cuts has turned into a widespread protest against the university’s treatment of graduate students.

Graduate Students

Backlash at U. of Missouri Highlights Questions About Health Subsidies for Grad Students

The university said it would end subsidies for graduate students’ health care, citing a provision of Obamacare. Here’s a guide to the controversy.

Graduate Students

As Graduate-Student Debt Booms, Just a Few Colleges Are Largely Responsible  

Only 20 institutions account for nearly one-fifth of all graduate-student loans issued last year, according to a new analysis.

Graduate Students

A University Banks on Ph.D. Stipends to Better Compete With Its Peers

Northwestern plans to raise its minimum payment by 26 percent to attract top-notch doctoral students.


Graduate Students

The Ph.D. Pay Gap  

Financial support for doctoral students often divides them into haves and have-nots.


Graduate Students

Helping Minority Ph.D.'s in STEM: Something's Working

A new report shows progress in assisting minority students earn doctorates, but which strategies are most successful remain unclear.


Graduate Students

Pushing for Culture Change, Ph.D.'s Explore Careers Beyond Academe  

An unusual meeting at Berkeley offers job advice and consultation to those looking for work beyond the campus.


Graduate Students

Tracking the Elusive Ph.D.  

A large-scale effort to monitor career outcomes gets some traction, but five big challenges remain.


Graduate Students

New Job on Campus: Expanding Ph.D. Career Options  

As more doctoral students look for employment outside academe, they want universities to offer better advice.


Graduate Students

21st-Century Postdocs: (Still) Underpaid and Overworked

Fourteen years after the National Academies sounded an alarm about researchers’ work conditions, a new report echoes many of the same themes.

Graduate Students

How to Make the Case for Graduate Education

During a conference in Washington, Janet Napolitano and others urged universities to better explain to lawmakers and the public why graduate study benefits the nation.

Graduate Students

Doctoral Degrees Increased Last Year, but Career Opportunities Remained Bleak

Fewer new Ph.D.’s report having commitments for jobs or postdocs, with all disciplines showing dimmer prospects.


Graduate Students

Improv Helps Ph.D.'s Explain Their Work—and Loosen Up  

Universities see theater lessons as a way to better prepare graduate students for jobs both in and out of academe.