Inside One University's Pursuit of Nine-Figure Donations  

Northwestern University’s remarkable year illustrates how one blockbuster donation can lead to another.


Congress Again Scrutinizes Colleges With Big Endowments  

Private institutions whose nest eggs exceed $1 billion are the focus of lawmakers’ questionnaires.


State Spending on Higher Education Continues Slow Improvement

For a third consecutive year, state money increased by a modest amount, though some states are still spending less than they were five years earlier.



For Illinois's Public Colleges, No State Money Means Plenty of Pain  

As a monthslong budget deadlock drags on, college officials say it’s only a matter of time before some institutions will have to restructure themselves — or close.


College Endowments Are Flourishing Again — and Critics Are Taking Note

Some in Congress want more money to go to scholarships and less to private-equity managers. But nonprofit groups worry that restrictions could have a spillover effect on others.



Little for Students in ‘Historic’ Settlement of Education Management Case

The $95.5-million deal that the company reached with the government and whistle-blowers makes no specific provision to help students who took out federal loans to attend the company’s colleges.


Missing the Mark on Enrollment and Revenue: No Easy Fix  

A third of the colleges that responded to an annual Chronicle survey didn’t meet their enrollment or revenue goals this year. For some, the time has come to make hard choices.


Why a Certain $21 Million Is Worth Much More to the U. of Phoenix

For now, the university is barred from enrolling active-duty military personnel under a Department of Defense program. The loss of that ability, and the money that comes with it, could have an outsize impact.


Critics Take Aim (Again) at Rich University Endowments

The ire stirred by a recent op-ed and by a large gift sounds familiar. Questions about the tax benefits that flow to wealthy colleges have swirled before, to little avail.



When College Is Free, or Free(ish)  

Proposals to eliminate community-college tuition have recently grabbed headlines, but many students can already get some college education at close to no charge.



How Can You Tell When a College Is Circling the Drain?  

Data, opinions, and other vital signs are abundant, but good luck using them to identify a failing institution before it flatlines.


Sweet Briar Savors the Promise of Revival, but Fund-Raising Challenge Is Vast  

Advocates may have secured the colleges future for the short term. But theyve still got their work cut out for them.


Education Dept. Calls Imminent Rule a Reminder to States of Their Oversight Role

The rule, which will be enforced starting on July 1, requires state authorization for colleges to remain eligible to participate in federal student-aid programs.


Federal Dollars Finance Ever-Greater Share of Higher Education, Analysis Shows

From 2000 to 2012, U.S. government spending increased by 32 percent, while state spending fell by 37 percent.



When Students Are Disowned Over Sexuality or Gender, Some Colleges Lend Them a Hand  

Officials at the colleges have established emergency funds for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students whose families cut them off financially after they come out.


Before Cutting Tuition, Consider This  

Cutting tuition has both champions and critics. But both groups agree that a price cut is nowhere near that simple, and is not for every college.


Behind One Research University's Rise: Opportunism, Geography, and Good Fortune  

Want to reproduce the strategies that helped Northeastern University expand its research portfolio? Some are broadly applicable, but others are specific to the institution.


For 529 College-Savings Plans, a Big Challenge Is Setting the Record Straight

Advocates of the plans have long struggled to show that they’re more than just for the rich, but at a meeting this week, the talk was of how far they have to go.



Colleges 'Unleash the Deans' With Decentralized Budgets  

The responsibility-center approach gives academics a financial incentive to cut costs and think more strategically.


How Students' Economic Diversity Varies by College Type

A new report highlights many measures of inequality in higher education, including the concentration of high- and low-income students in different corners of academe.