What Private-College Presidents Make

Use The Chronicle’s exclusive database to explore the compensation of chief executives at nearly 500 institutions.

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The Almanac of Higher Education 2014

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What Public-College Presidents Make

Use The Chronicle's exclusive database to explore the pay of chief executives at 227 public universities and systems, featuring tools to put those numbers in context.

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2013-14 AAUP Faculty Salary Survey

Explore an interactive database on faculty salaries in 2013-14, from a national survey conducted by the American Association of University Professors.

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Who Will Reach College Age in the Next 14 Years?

As the U.S. population changes, so, too, will the makeup of American colleges and universities. This tool highlights those changes, from the national level down to within the more than 3,000 counties in the U.S.

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What They Make

Explore the salaries of chief executives at hundreds of private and public institutions—and get a sense of what the numbers mean.

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Women as Academic Authors, 1665-2010 Premium Link

Women’s presence in higher education has increased, but as authors of scholarly papers—keys to career success—their publishing patterns differ from those of men.

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