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Median Salaries of Higher-Education Professionals 2012-13

At research universities, coaches top the list of highest-paid professionals, while at smaller four-year and two-year colleges, staff physicians, lawyers, and museum directors make the most.


Facts & Figures

College Enrollment as a Statewide Snapshot  

In some states, nearly all college students attend public institutions, but in others, the tradition of private education is strong.


Facts & Figures

State Support, Big Gifts Brighten Campus Mood  

Some public institutions that have learned to make do with less are welcoming new state money, while some private institutions have grown wealthier through private largess.


Facts & Figures

In Costly Places, Professors Can Be Expensive  

Universities in areas like Silicon Valley may pay a premium in faculty salaries, but less-prestigious institutions in the same areas often do not.


Facts & Figures

Higher Enrollment, Greater Diversity  

One university in Texas figured out how to grow: by raising admissions standards to make students feel proud to attend.

Facts & Figures

Student Diversity at 4,725 Institutions  

A sortable table showing the race, ethnicity, and gender of students at a broad range of two- and four-year colleges.