A Wider View

Ideas about campus diversity are expanding and evolving, prompting colleges to look for solutions to a range of specific problems. In this special report, we look at success stories along with newer efforts to tackle some of those problems.

Mad About MOOC's

5 Problems, 5 Strategies

For Whites OnlyPremium Link

At Illinois Wesleyan U., a voluntary workshop for white students examines race and privilege.

First in Their FamiliesPremium Link

San Jose State U. offers its many first-generation students a variety of support programs.

Freshening Up the CurriculumPremium Link

At Lafayette College, faculty "change agents" help willing colleagues diversify their courses.

Disciplinary DiversityPremium Link

A Swarthmore College economist creates a wiki to help broaden her field.

A Decades-Old EffortPremium Link

The College of Engineering at the U. of Tennessee marks 40 years of special programs for minority students.

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Tackling Diversity

The Power of the PossePremium Link

Soon to turn 25, a popular support program underscores the power of the cohort.

HBCUs Expand Services for Gay Students

Change has been slow, but it's happening, advocates say.

Passage From IndiaPremium Link

A wave of appointments of Indian-born college presidents gains attention.

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By the Numbers

Elite InstitutionsPremium Link

Both public and private colleges are far more diverse than in 1992, a Chronicle analysis finds.

Diversity at Research Universities, 1992-2012

Diversity at Liberal-Arts Colleges, 1992-2012

Race, Ethnicity, and GenderPremium Link

A sortable table shows the race, ethnicity, and gender of full-time faculty members at more than 4,000 institutions.

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Tales of Privilege

To those who "wish" they were black, Angela Onwuachi-Willig has this to say: No, you really don't.

What My Students Have Taught MePremium Link

Wendel Hunigan's biggest surprise was that they no longer see race as an insurmountable obstacle.

A College-Counseling MOOC, Anybody?Premium Link

An online format could help low-income students learn how to apply to college, says Jermaine Taylor.

Math and First-Generation StudentsPremium Link

Susan D'Agostino explains why her university paid special attention to their needs when it designed a math major.

Undergraduate Research Transforms a CollegePremium Link

A focus on research helps students, faculty, and the entire institution, write Anthony Carpi and Nathan H. Lents.

'Not as Diverse as We Used to Be'Premium Link

Julie J. Park describes a Christian student group's struggle to remain diverse on a California campus.

Remedial Writing, Again (and Again)Premium Link

Seventeen students started out in Caroline Chamberlin Hellman's remedial-writing course. She reports the results.

Still Too Few Asian College PresidentsPremium Link

Santa J. Ono argues that cultural differences still hold many Asians back.