5 Problems, 5 Strategies

A Special Orientation for White StudentsPremium Link

By Eugene McCormack

Illinois Wesleyan University invites them to a three-day workshop on race and privilege.

For First-Generation Students, Crucial SupportPremium Link

By Eugene McCormack

The parents of more than half of the freshmen at San Jose State University don't have the experience to help their children navigate college.


'I Wish I Were Black' and Other Tales of Privilege

By Angela Onwuachi-Willig

Many white people spend so little time having to think about race that they understand it as nothing more than a plus factor in the admissions process.

What My Students Have Taught Me About RacePremium Link

By Wendel Hunigan

This instructor's biggest surprise was that young people today don't see race as the insurmountable obstacle it was 30 years ago.