Growing Pains

Colleges are still trying to figure out how to do diversity. This special report opens with a look at diversity in the top ranks of the Ivy League, and finds that it is still largely white at the top. The report also examines the changing role of diversity offices, and it includes views on gay, black, American Indian, Latino, and immigrant issues as well as Christian and Hispanic-serving colleges.

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Diversity at the Top

In the Ivies, Most Leaders Are Still White

The sting of the word “qualified” leads some people to ask why there aren’t more minority administrators.

The Search for Candidates

Do search firms help or hurt diversity efforts?

The Faces of Ivy Leadership

A sortable display of the faces and titles of the Ivy League’s top leaders.

The Virtual Classroom

Delivering Diversity

The Evolving Role of Diversity Offices

Growing pains develop as these offices change their scope and tactics.

The Return on Diversity

Colleges struggle to determine whether their efforts to promote diversity are paying off.

Reviving Comanche

A two-year college wants to save a dying tribal language.

The Virtual Classroom


Forum: The Campus Climate for Gay Faculty

Five academics comment on how recent developments have affected gay and lesbian scholars.

Beyond Admissions

A diverse student body does not necessarily lead to cross-cultural interactions, argues Ronald G. Shaiko.

Digital Diversity

Social media can help at-risk students stay engaged, Shawn Francis Peters writes.

Studying Abroad at Home

Paula Hirschoff was a white exchange student at a historically black college in the 1960s. She wishes students today had that option.

Indian Studies

A college scholarship brought Elissa Washuta closer to her tribal roots.

Confessions of a White Latino

Daniel Munczek Edelman checks the “Hispanic” box—with reservations.

What Immigrants Bring to America

We’re not invaders or charity cases, writes Olúfémi Táíwò, a Nigerian-born professor.

ISO Queer Students

Dian Squire thinks academics should pay attention to the college choices of gay and lesbian students.

No Se Habla Español

Jens Larson wonders why more Hispanic-serving colleges don’t offer Web content in Spanish.

The Scandal of the (Female) Evangelical Mind

Students miss out on a balanced education when evangelical institutions are run primarily by men, argues Cristina Richie.

Why Christian Colleges Need to Diversify

It’s good for the bottom line as well as the soul, Scott Hwang writes.