The Chronicle Review

  • The Forever Professors

    Hey, you older, tenured profs, you’re being greedy and selfish, and your students would be better off if you left.

  • Why Go to Grad School? Premium Link

    Intellectual passion: If your studies fascinate you, they're not a waste, no matter what you do with them.

  • How to Study the Brain

    Neuroscience is almost 200 years old. Why are there no grand theories of how the brain works?

  • The Human-Rights Charade Premium Link

    Under the guise of teaching and studying human rights, academics use university resources to engage in political activism.

  • Encountering the Holocaust Through Art Premium Link

    A professor meets the author of a graphic memoir she uses in her class.

  • Beckett in Bed Premium Link

    The absurdist’s letters suggest a passionate engagement with his work and a workmanlike engagement with his passions.