New Leader, New Vision for California Community Colleges

Eloy Ortiz Oakley, who will take charge of the 113-campus system in December, says the colleges must become more "nimble" in responding to the state’s work-force needs.


What Community Colleges Are Doing to Counteract Declining Enrollments

Two-year colleges have been steadily losing students, and that’s not just because of an improving economy. New research has found that four-year colleges are luring students away, too.

California’s 2-Year Colleges Explore a New Accreditation Model

The community colleges are moving forward with plans to change how they are accredited but not necessarily their accreditor.


As Plans for Free Community College Spread, Educators Seek to Include Adult Learners

In a wave of new initiatives, here’s a look at two states’ decisions to help older students.

Looking Beyond the Data to Help Students Succeed

Assessment tools let educators zero in on traits they can help students improve, like classroom behaviors and study skills, conference speakers say.

Potential New Leaders of 2-Year Colleges Face Higher Hurdles

Just as a "tsunami" of retirements approaches, the president's job is getting scarier. Tighter budgets and pressure to reform are among the challenges new chiefs will confront.

Community-College Gathering Takes Up Challenges, Familiar and Fanciful

Budget woes and completion goals are on the agenda. So are secret shoppers and new ideas for engaging students. After all, someone has to program and fly all those drones. 


To Improve Retention, Community Colleges Teach Self-Esteem

Providing peer mentors and service-learning projects can help remedial students stay the course.

The Players Who Influenced Obama’s Free-College Plan

The White House’s proposal bears familiar fingerprints. Here’s a tour of the research and programs that helped inform it.

At 2 Community Colleges, Enthusiasm for the Free-Tuition Idea

Some students already have much of the cost of attendance defrayed by grants, but they’re still pleased at the prospect of broader government support.

What Students Pay at Community Colleges Now—and How Obama’s Proposal Might Change That

Tuition is just one of the expenses students face. Much of the impact of the free-college plan hinges on how it interacts with existing financial aid.

Community Colleges at a Glance

Which students enroll in community colleges? And how much do those students pay? Here's a quick primer.


In San Francisco, an Accreditor—but Not Accreditation—Goes on Trial

City College’s fight for its life has become a "cauldron of politics and emotion."

What Really Happens at Community Colleges? A Tool Taps Data for Answers

The Completion Arch aims to track students from enrollment in college to entering the work force.


Community-College Association Issues Guide to Transform the Sector

Two year ago, the group provided a stark assessment of its members’ shortcomings and called for big changes. Now it has offered a road map to attain that goal.

California Community Colleges Release Statewide 'Student Success Scorecard'

The scorecard will allow students and families to compare colleges in the system, and will help the colleges measure and improve their performances.

Labor Union Asks Milwaukee Technical College to Stop Training Program

The program, being offered under a contract with Caterpiller Inc., is turning the college into a "pawn" in the company's "union-busting games," the union says.

Job Training in Aerospace Takes Flight at Community College in Washington

Students who pass an intensive course at Edmonds Community College get an automatic interview with the Boeing Company, a deal that has proved beneficial.

Adjunct Professors Often Lack Training in How to Handle Disabilities in the Classroom, Experts Say

A part-time instructor's response to a student who stuttered has raised concerns about how and when adjuncts should be taught to deal with students with disabilities.

11 States to Receive Grants to Redesign Adult Education

By integrating the teaching of reading and math skills with occupational training, the states hope to increase the number of skilled workers with credentials.

Community-College Students Perform Worse Online Than Face to Face

Among students who took courses online, those with the most Web-based credits were least likely to graduate or transfer to a four-year institution, a study found.

California Community-College Leaders to Recommend One Million New Graduates by 2020

The ambitious pledge seeks to contribute toward President Obama's goal of an additional five million community-college graduates in the next decade.

Accreditor of California Colleges Lacks Conflict Protections, Federal Review Says

The two-year-college system had lodged complaints about the accrediting group, saying it was too quick to punish institutions.

California Community Colleges End Controversial Deal With Kaplan U.

The agreement would have allowed students to earn credit for discounted online courses at the for-profit university.