PicoFeed The Chronicle of Higher Education | Commentary http://chronicle.com/section/Commentary/44 2015-11-30T21:10:23-05:00 The Chronicle of Higher Education ‘I’m Pretty Sure I’m Gay.’ But Please Don’t Ask. http://chronicle.com/article/I-m-Pretty-Sure-I-m/234364 2015-11-29T19:00:00-05:00 Although the goals may be laudable, college applications should not encourage students to declare their sexual identity. By Adam D. Chandler Want More Innovation? Get More Diversity http://chronicle.com/article/Want-More-Innovation-Get-More/234289 2015-11-23T00:01:00-05:00 Academic departments that are more diverse may produce more unorthodox ideas and do more original work, new research shows. By Willemien Kets How Three Bad Decisions Signaled Doom at Mizzou http://chronicle.com/article/How-Three-Bad-Decisions/234278 2015-11-19T14:15:03-05:00 In hindsight, it’s easy to see the failures in leadership that foreshadowed the current upheaval at the University of Missouri. By Arthur G. Jago Why Embattled Leaders Should Be Stepping Up, Not Stepping Down http://chronicle.com/article/Why-Embattled-Leaders-Should/234222 2015-11-16T13:15:33-05:00 Students’ expectations for inclusion are higher than in the past, and meeting them will require a new level of leadership. By Thomas R. Rochon How the Crisis of the Humanities Is Like the Greek Economy http://chronicle.com/article/How-the-Crisis-of-the/234185 2015-11-15T18:26:00-05:00 Humanities departments have been structured for failure, and like those Greek pensioners being lectured by Angela Merkel, we’ve been told it’s our fault. By Steven Conn Let's Treat the Philosophy Department Like the Football Team http://chronicle.com/interactives/ncaa-subsidies-commentary 2015-11-15T18:00:00-05:00 A professor asks, "Can our university, or any university, exist without a football team?" By Paul Walker How Racial Politics Hurt My Students http://chronicle.com/article/How-Racial-Politics-Hurt-My/234206 2015-11-13T11:30:48-05:00 A playwright demanded that our production be shut down a week before it opened because non-Asians were playing Indian roles. By Marilouise Michel Enter the Real Power of College Sports http://chronicle.com/article/Enter-the-Real-Power-of/234166 2015-11-11T16:05:35-05:00 The courageous football players at the University of Missouri used their status to bring attention to injustice in the world. By Thabiti Lewis In Missouri, the Downfall of a Business-Minded President http://chronicle.com/article/In-Missouri-the-Downfall-of-a/234164 2015-11-11T12:10:08-05:00 The privatization of public higher education led Timothy Wolfe to rush to meetings with big donors while ignoring the concerns of African-American students. By Bruce Joshua Miller and Ned Stuckey-French Missouri Athletes Invoked the Moral Authority of Martin Luther King Jr. http://chronicle.com/article/Missouri-Athletes-Invoked-the/234146 2015-11-11T04:55:00-05:00 "We are ... tied in a single garment of destiny," the civil-rights leader wrote. The Tigers’ football players have taken up his mantle. By Ellen J. Staurowsky What Colleges Might Lose by Banning Yik Yak http://chronicle.com/article/What-Colleges-Might-Lose-by/234042 2015-11-03T14:00:34-05:00 The social-media app, lately reviled for its blatantly sexist content, has lots to teach us about bias that lurks below the radar. By Francesca Tripodi Bring Muslims, Evangelicals, and Atheists Together on Campus http://chronicle.com/article/Bring-Muslims-Evangelicals/234018 2015-11-03T04:55:01-05:00 Research shows that they share a feeling of marginalization. Colleges can make that work toward a community of understanding. By Eboo Patel and Mary Ellen Giess The Looming Gamification of Higher Ed http://chronicle.com/article/The-Looming-Gamification-of/233992 2015-10-29T17:00:15-04:00 What do we stand to lose by transforming learning into a quest for points? By Kentaro Toyama Google’s Court Victory Is Good for Scholarly Authors. Here’s Why. http://chronicle.com/article/Google-s-Court-Victory-Is/233940 2015-10-27T20:00:00-04:00 The mass digitization involved in Google Book Search rescues countless books from the obscurity of print library collections. By Pamela Samuelson Ban ‘Guarantee’ Games in College Football, or Else http://chronicle.com/article/Ban-Guarantee-Games-in/233929 2015-10-26T14:12:08-04:00 The games are a perverse form of exploitation that places players — often students at historically black colleges — in the role of sacrificial lambs and their colleges in legal peril. By Aaron N. Taylor Professor, Your Writing Could Use Some Help http://chronicle.com/article/Professor-Your-Writing-Could/233902 2015-10-26T00:22:00-04:00 One simple way to improve faculty members’ writing for the public: Offer a night course in creative nonfiction writing especially for them. By Jeff Camhi Putting an End to ‘When Am I Going to Use This?’ http://chronicle.com/article/Putting-an-End-to-When-Am-I/233901 2015-10-25T20:30:04-04:00 The obvious answer is, We don’t know. And that raises a more interesting question: Shouldn’t we be more concerned with something’s value than its use? By Rebecca Eggenschwiler Electives Can Play a Crucial Role in Education, So Let’s Stop Neglecting Them http://chronicle.com/article/Electives-Can-Play-a-Crucial/233903 2015-10-25T20:21:04-04:00 Taking courses outside the major and gen-ed requirements helps students sort potential passions from paths not worth pursuing. By Daniel Regan Executive Deception: Four Fallacies About Divestment, and One Big Mistake http://chronicle.com/article/Executive-Deception-Four/233799 2015-10-18T20:12:11-04:00 In their arguments against divesting from fossil fuels, Ivy League presidents offer a lesson in sophistry. By Kathleen Dean Moore Finding a Way Forward, Together http://chronicle.com/article/Finding-a-Way-Forward/233781 2015-10-15T16:30:00-04:00 Students are scared of more shootings, an instructor writes. He’s not sure how to reassure them, but talking about it can only help. By Cody T. Luff