PicoFeed The Chronicle of Higher Education | Commentary http://chronicle.com/section/Commentary/44/ 2016-02-07T16:53:36-05:00 The Chronicle of Higher Education Muy Loco Parentis: How ‘Freakouts’ Over Student Privacy Hamper Innovation http://chronicle.com/article/Muy-Loco-Parentis-How/235132 2016-02-02T04:55:00-05:00 Colleges should start thinking of data about students as data that in some way belongs to the students. Let them make the call about sharing it. By Michael Feldstein What Black Campus Activists Can Learn From the Freedom Summer of 1964 http://chronicle.com/article/What-Black-Campus-Activists/235113 2016-01-31T18:45:00-05:00 Students of color often say they are tired of explaining their situation to others. But dialogue is the only way forward. By Heather Merrill and Donald Carter Yes, Campuses Should Be Safe Spaces — for Debate http://chronicle.com/article/Yes-Campuses-Should-Be-Safe/235114 2016-01-31T18:30:00-05:00 Our students have grown up with the toxic free-for-all of social media. We need to provide examples of civilized discourse. By Marie K. Shanahan Robot-Proof: How Colleges Can Keep People Relevant in the Workplace http://chronicle.com/article/Robot-Proof-How-Colleges-Can/235057 2016-01-27T04:55:00-05:00 As more and more jobs are automated, higher education has a crucial role to play in training people to do what machines can’t. By Joseph E. Aoun What Leaders Can Learn From Teaching Undergraduates http://chronicle.com/article/What-Leaders-Can-Learn-From/235011 2016-01-24T18:31:15-05:00 By listening and affirming, a college president moves his role from teaching to learning. By Steven C. Bahls Transparency in College Admissions Is Key to a Fair Policy on Race http://chronicle.com/article/Transparency-in-College/234949 2016-01-17T18:30:00-05:00 Colleges should be allowed to use preferences for underrepresented minorities — and to do so explicitly. By Rebecca Zwick Academic Freedom Has Limits. Where They Are Isn’t Always Clear. http://chronicle.com/article/Academic-Freedom-Has-Limits/234925 2016-01-15T04:55:00-05:00 For one thing, campus speech rights are unequally distributed among the tenured and everybody else. By Kevin Carey What the Wheaton Controversy Means for Colleges’ Religious Identity http://chronicle.com/article/What-the-Wheaton-Controversy/234909 2016-01-13T13:43:23-05:00 The case of Larycia Hawkins resonates beyond the Illinois campus because it’s a cautionary tale for all institutions, faith-based and secular, that seek to protect their core beliefs. By S. Alan Ray When Ex-Prisoners Share Their Stories With Students http://chronicle.com/article/When-Ex-Prisoners-Share-Their/234793 2016-01-11T21:00:00-05:00 If we expand service-learning projects to include collaboration, what new types of learning might we discover? By Stephanie Bower Mapping a MOOC Reveals Global Patterns in Student Engagement http://chronicle.com/article/Mapping-a-MOOC-Reveals-Global/234795 2016-01-11T03:55:00-05:00 By looking at who comes from where, geographers can explore gender imbalance, achievement, and even motivation in open online courses. By Anthony C. Robinson The Legal Limits of ‘Yes Means Yes’ http://chronicle.com/article/The-Legal-Limits-of-Yes/234860 2016-01-10T18:25:43-05:00 Affirmative consent is valuable as a guide for proper conduct, not as a standard for determining responsibility. By Paul H. Robinson Trigger Warnings: Not the Greatest Threat to Higher Education http://chronicle.com/article/Trigger-Warnings-Not-the/234778 2016-01-08T04:55:00-05:00 At least a dozen problems are more pressing, not least an aversion to accountability among faculty members. By Kathryn D. Blanchard A Bowl-Game Upset Brings ‘National Relevance.’ For What? http://chronicle.com/article/A-Bowl-Game-Upset-Brings/234798 2016-01-04T17:38:00-05:00 Sadly, a university's athletic success often doesn’t reach beyond the playing field. By Robert Zaretsky Clear the Way for More Good Teachers http://chronicle.com/article/Clear-the-Way-for-More-Good/234773 2016-01-03T18:08:07-05:00 Let’s try an experiment: Just one college should cut its administrative staff in half and use the money to hire good teachers. We’ll check back in 10 years. By Douglas Anderson How Tenure for Professors Helps Students http://chronicle.com/article/How-Tenure-for-Professors/234640 2015-12-16T11:46:06-05:00 Faculty members are the ones with the long view. We have to be able to speak out on issues that affect student life without worrying about retribution from the administration. By Nikki Usher Layser Nobody Should Have to Pay to Go to College http://chronicle.com/article/Nobody-Should-Have-to-Pay-to/234612 2015-12-16T03:55:00-05:00 The commitment to tuition-free public higher education is central to building a vital new social compact. By Kenneth W. Warren and Samir Sonti How Jerry Falwell Jr. Is Spreading Islamophobia http://chronicle.com/article/How-Jerry-Falwell-Jr-Is/234576 2015-12-11T03:55:00-05:00 Thanks to educators and pastors, fear of Muslims is steadily taking root in Christian theology. By Eboo Patel Students Abroad: First, Do No Harm With Your Camera http://chronicle.com/article/Students-Abroad-First-Do-No/234458 2015-12-06T18:30:00-05:00 Teaching ethical photography to health-science students before they go on foreign medical "missions" can introduce them to principles of equity they might not have considered. By Lise Saffran How Universities Play Moneyball https://chroniclevitae.com/news/1215-how-universities-play-moneyball 2015-12-04T10:35:00-05:00 We condemn institutions for gaming the system to improve their ranking, but maybe that’s a necessity of doing business that few outside the elite can afford to ignore. By Mark Chou What Can Campus Leaders Do to Make Protests Unnecessary? http://chronicle.com/article/What-Can-Campus-Leaders-Do-to/234463 2015-12-04T00:01:00-05:00 For starters, they must understand that change takes time and that open dialogue is tough to create in the middle of a crisis. By Ricardo Azziz