An Ever-More-Complicated
Job Market

With academic job openings so few and far between, some Ph.D.'s are paying more attention to opportunities outside of academe. In this special section, several writers offer advice on how to find such jobs—and even how to invent them.  Other topics include a look at the small indignities that often characterize graduate school, with advice on how to surmount them. New faculty members can read a primer on campus etiquette for the post-hire period. And, one writer argues, "harmless" comments directed at groups of female scientists in male-dominated fields often aren't so harmless.

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Nonacademic Careers

The Ph.D.'s Guide to a Nonfaculty Job Search

You, too, can join the ranks of the gainfully employed outside of academe.

Advice on Nonfaculty Careers? Don't Ask Me.

Instead of searching for jobs, Ph.D.'s should start inventing them.

Should Academics Write for No Pay?

As a scholar, you're used to writing for nothing. But when you enter the media world, it's time to get serious about compensation. Here's how to ask for what you're worth.

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Graduate Students

Does Blanket 'Don't Go!' Advice Ignore Race and Reality?

For some students, the decision to attend graduate school is a lot less stupid than it is often characterized by advice gurus.

Itching for That Title

Finally, you are a "Dr.," and you want everyone to know it.

How to Get Past 'the Nasty Stuff People Do'

Kerry Ann Rockquemore calls them "microaggressions"—the small indignities that can turn graduate school into a slog. Here's her advice on how to surmount them.

Googling for Grant Dollars

Finding money for your research in the humanities or social sciences isn't easy, but it's not rocket science, either.

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The Hiring Process

The Good Goodbye

David Perlmutter offers a primer on post-hire etiquette for new faculty members.

Job Ad Deconstructionism 101

One way to maintain your dignity during the job search is to recognize that the ads you have just spent two months prostrating yourself before are mere texts ripe for decoding.

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The Adjunct Track

Adjuncts Are Addicts

My teaching habit is expensive, and it's cost me everything. One of these days I'm going to kick it. One of these days.

I'm an Adjunct, Not a Volunteer

A faculty member explains why she shuns service duties in her role as a part-time instructor.

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Workplace Issues

'Is This a Girl Scout Meeting?'

"Harmless" comments directed at groups of female scientists in male-dominated fields aren't so harmless.

The Greatest Mixtape Ever Made

A four-year institution in a staunchly conservative town was no place to become the academic I wanted to be. That happened right down the road, at the local community college.

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The Politics of Academic Space

In an economy of scarcity, a rare commodity like office space will be fought over tenaciously.

Professor or Administrator?

Two friends and former colleagues discuss the choices they made to leave faculty life or stay.