Michael G. Riley
CEO and Editor in Chief

Mireille Grangenois

William J. Peyser
Chief Financial Officer

Lisa Birchard
Chief, Human Resources and Administration

Don Sargent
Chief Technology Officer

Ken Sands
General Manager, Online

Harvey W. Hill Jr.
Associate Publisher

Stacy Ward
Managing Director, Recruitment

Joe Avison
Managing Director, Global University Relations

Gwen Gaiser
Director, Production

Michael MaLoon
Director, Sales & Operations

Craig Dixon
Director, Business Development Strategy

Gwen Vargo
Managing Director, Audience Development & Circulation

Erin Ortolan
Director, Marketing and Digital Strategy for Audience Development

Jen Diorio
Director, Sponsor & Branding Programs

Nick Findlay
Director, Marketing Communications

Lisa Sherr
Director, Hiring Solutions

Samuel Eziemefe
Director, Accounting

Matthew Bassow
Director, Digital Platform

Greg Channel
Director, Product Engineering

Tim Froemling
Director, Digital Products

Cindy Kennedy
Director, Information Systems

Valerie Owens
Director, Business Solutions

Steve Smith
Director, Publishing Platforms

Robert Watson
Director, User Experience