Michael G. Riley  |  E-mail
CEO and Editor in Chief

Mireille Grangenois  |  E-mail

William J. Peyser  |  E-mail
Chief Financial Officer

Lisa Birchard  |  E-mail
Chief, Human Resources and Administration

Don Sargent  |  E-mail
Chief Technology Officer

Gwendolyn Tomasulo  |  E-mail
Managing Director, Audience Development and Circulation

Erin Ortolan  |  E-mail
Senior Marketing Manager, Audience Development and Circulation

Harvey W. Hill Jr.  |  E-mail
Associate Publisher, Advertising

Joe Avison  |  E-mail
Managing Director, Global University Relations (London)

Omar Olson  |  E-mail
Director, Global University Relations

Gerry Kiernan  |  E-mail
Managing Director (Interim) (New York)

Christopher Leighton  |  E-mail
Sales Manager (San Francisco)

Glen Webb  |  E-mail
Inside Sales Manager

Gwen Gaiser  |  E-mail
Director of Production

Sonya C. Scott  |  E-mail
Assistant Production Manager

Jennifer Fisher  |  E-mail
Director of Sales Operations and Production

Richard Lewis  |  E-mail
College and University Relations Manager

Donald Washington  |  E-mail
College and University Relations Manager

Jean-Christophe Boussard  |  Email
Inside Sales Executive

Holly C. Horner  |  E-mail
Director of Marketing and Product Development, Corporate Client Group

Titilayo Ellis  |  E-mail
Director of Marketing and Product Development, Recruitment Advertising

Lauren Casula  |  E-mail
Marketing Product Manager

Alvaro Rojas  |  E-mail
Senior Marketing Manager

Cecilia Cortes  |  E-mail
Creative Services Manager

Samuel Eziemefe  |  E-mail
Director of Accounting

Mitchell Londres  |  E-mail
Accounts Receivable Manager

Anne St.Vil  |  E-mail
Accounts Payroll Manager

Cindy Kennedy  |  E-mail
Managing Director of Information Systems

Matthew Bassow  |  E-mail
Director of New Media

Greg Channel  |  E-mail
Director of Product Engineering

Steve Smith  |  E-mail
Director, Enterprise Systems

Robert Watson  |  E-mail
Director, User Experience

Aastha Verma  |  E-mail
Director, Business Solutions

Betsy Barefoot  |  E-mail
Director, Business Applications

Lauren Sweeney  |  E-mail
Human Resources Manager

Jeanette Posey  |  E-mail
Office Manager