Freaky Friday 2

First Person

The Administration Vacation

Faculty member: "You should try my job." Administrator: "No, you should try mine." Yes we should.

Vitae: Adjunctsploitation
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AAUP - Salary Survey, 2013+14

Stuck in the Middle

Interactive: Introducing Chronicle Data: Use a new interactive tool to search and sort comprehensive information, going back more than a decade, about faculty and staff salaries at thousands of institutions.

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Bang Your Head on Your Desk
Professors share their moments of teaching despair.

Job-Market Check-In Thread
Talk about how your search is progressing.

Into the Black
An online support thread for academics trying to dig themselves out of debt.

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The Adjunct Project 2.0

This expanded crowdsourcing service from The Chronicle lets adjuncts research salaries, get advice, and submit their own data.

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Careers in Academe

In this special report, you'll find practical guidance on managing your digital identity as an academic, on getting published, and on becoming an effective dean.

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