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Behind the Shake-Up at Temple U.: A Merit Scholarship That Grew Too Fast

Though no administrators have taken the blame for the $22-million deficit that led to the president’s resignation, it’s clear that a financial-aid program had become too successful for its own good.


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As ‘Fisher’ Churned, Conversations About Campus Diversity Evolved

Shifts in economics and student demographics, along with resurgent activism, have altered the tenor of the discussion about affirmative action over the past eight years.

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Many Colleges Don’t Put Testing Requirements to the Test

If students are expected to take high-stakes exams, admissions offices should be working harder to understand what the tests actually predict, a report says.


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Common App’s New Leader Ponders College Access — and Holographic Video Interviews

Jenny Rickard, now at the University of Puget Sound, describes her vision for the nonprofit organization behind the widely used admissions-application platform.


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Top Choice

Santa Clara University goes to great lengths to evaluate — and win over — its most accomplished applicants.


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How the U. of Maine Attracted More Students From Out of State

This year, the university told students from six states they could pay the same tuition and fees charged by their in-state flagship university. That led to a boost in enrollment from those states.


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Are Colleges Too Obsessed With Smartness?

In a new book, UCLA’s Alexander Astin argues that we value students with top grades and scores to the detriment of everybody else.

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In Admission Decisions, the Deciders’ Own Backgrounds Play a Big Role

A new study raises questions about holistic admissions policies by finding that many applicants’ fates are determined by cutoff scores or the biases of those evaluating them.


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How a Huge University Promotes Its Small-College Appeal

Arizona State offers several small-campus environments in addition to the big one everyone knows about. But getting prospective students to understand that can be a challenge.


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Record-Breaking Numbers of Applicants? Don’t Gloat

Many colleges brag about rising numbers of applicants, even as they see a drop in students who enroll. Here’s what the numbers really mean.

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There's More Than Protests to Blame for Mizzou's Enrollment Woes

University officials expected the numbers to fall for a variety of reasons. But with the threat of big budget cuts, they're scrambling to convince prospective students that the campus is a safe and welcoming space.


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Is Our College Right for You? Get on This Bus to Find Out

The University of Evansville sends six buses to bring admitted students to the campus for a weekend known as Road Trip. If all goes well, students find friends, and Evansville finds its freshman class.


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Testing Companies Try to Balance Secrecy and Openness

The new SAT faces an age-old problem: How to prevent cheating while offering students, parents, and the curious an understanding of how the test works.

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What Students Said Right After Taking the New SAT

Teenagers had many reactions to the revamped exam, which was given for the first time over the weekend.


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What Would Happen if North Carolina Sent Its Weakest Students to Community College First?

State lawmakers have asked the university system to explore a plan requiring those students to earn two-year degrees before enrolling. Here’s what campus officials and higher-ed experts say about it.


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Theories Abound to Explain College Board’s Abrupt Ban on Certain SAT Takers

The sudden announcement that nonstudents would not be permitted to sit for the test on Saturday has provoked a raft of speculation. FairTest’s Robert Schaeffer offers his views.

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Applicants Want Mix of Old and New Technology in Recruitment, Survey Finds

Teenagers still find printed letters to be helpful, and while they often want colleges to text them on their smartphones, sometimes they don’t.

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Reinventing College Admissions as a Measure of Ethical Behavior

Richard Weissbourd talks about his widely read report on emphasizing service to others in the application process.


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For a Slot at a 4-Year University, Some North Carolina Students Could Soon Need a Community-College Degree

At the behest of Republican lawmakers, the state’s university system is studying a plan that would route applicants seen as less prepared to two-year institutions.

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Tech Company Rekindles Lawsuit Against Common Application

The fight between two rivals in the college-admissions market is headed for another round in court.


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Purdue Students as Investments? Here’s How It Might Work

So far, income-share agreements have been discussed only on the fringes of the college-affordability conversation. Could that change, now that a prominent public university is pursuing them?

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When Recruiting Teenagers, Don't Forget to Question Your Assumptions

What some admissions officials think they know about today’s app-happy, ever-texting applicants is not quite right, according to a new paper.


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When Choosing a College, How Should Students Gauge the Payoff?

There's value in data that attempt to hold colleges responsible for what their students go on to earn. But making sense of that data requires context few high schoolers will sort out alone.

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Richer Data on College Applicants Help the Prospects of Low-Income Students

Admission officers at selective colleges who were given more details about applicants’ high schools look more favorably on needy students, a new study found.


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Amid Debate Over New Rival, Common Application Keeps Rolling

The dominant player, having just handled nearly 1.1 million applications for more than 600 colleges, isn’t standing pat, with a new effort to help students apply for financial aid.