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Applicants Want Mix of Old and New Technology in Recruitment, Survey Finds

Teenagers still find printed letters to be helpful, and while they often want colleges to text them on their smartphones, sometimes they don’t.

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Reinventing College Admissions as a Measure of Ethical Behavior  

Richard Weissbourd talks about his widely read report on emphasizing service to others in the application process.


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For a Slot at a 4-Year University, Some North Carolina Students Could Soon Need a Community-College Degree  

At the behest of Republican lawmakers, the state’s university system is studying a plan that would route applicants seen as less prepared to two-year institutions.

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Tech Company Rekindles Lawsuit Against Common Application

The fight between two rivals in the college-admissions market is headed for another round in court.


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Purdue Students as Investments? Here’s How It Might Work  

So far, income-share agreements have been discussed only on the fringes of the college-affordability conversation. Could that change, now that a prominent public university is pursuing them?

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When Recruiting Teenagers, Don't Forget to Question Your Assumptions  

What some admissions officials think they know about today’s app-happy, ever-texting applicants is not quite right, according to a new paper.


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When Choosing a College, How Should Students Gauge the Payoff?  

There's value in data that attempt to hold colleges responsible for what their students go on to earn. But making sense of that data requires context few high schoolers will sort out alone.

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Richer Data on College Applicants Help the Prospects of Low-Income Students

Admission officers at selective colleges who were given more details about applicants’ high schools look more favorably on needy students, a new study found.


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Amid Debate Over New Rival, Common Application Keeps Rolling

The dominant player, having just handled nearly 1.1 million applications for more than 600 colleges, isn’t standing pat, with a new effort to help students apply for financial aid.

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Coalition Sheds (a Little) More Light on New Application System

Speakers sought to demystify the group of selective colleges’ plan for improving the admissions process. But details of how the system would actually work remained in short supply.


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Why the Debate Over a New Admissions Process Matters  

Will a hidebound profession embrace real innovation? How can colleges best reach a diverse cohort of teenagers?

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ACT Tells Colleges They Will Receive Some Test Scores Later Than Expected  

The new writing portion of the college-entrance test has slowed down the scoring process, so some students applying early may not be able to use their results.

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High-School Diploma Options Multiply, but May Not Set Up Students for College Success

As high-school graduation rates rise, a new report questions whether too many students are being given false assurances that they’re ready for college or the work force.


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When a Small-College Scholar Wins a Nobel, the Marketing Begins

Seizing an opportunity that won’t come often, Drew University has made William Campbell, who just won the Nobel Prize in Medicine, the focus of a broad-ranging marketing campaign.

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Coalition’s Plans for New Application Platform Stir Debate

Admissions officers and college counselors got a description of the new site over the weekend — and a chance to critique it.

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Researcher's Goal: An Admissions Process That Rewards 'Ethical Character'

The project grew from the worry that many teens are too focused on their own success and that colleges are contributing to that problem.

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Where Else Are You Applying? Colleges Can't Ask Applicants Much Longer

New ethical guidelines approved by the National Association for College Admission Counseling forbid the question, which dozens of colleges currently use to help them predict who will enroll.

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New College-Application Site Aims to Capture Traits of Success — Like Grit and Engagement  

A coalition of selective institutions hopes to shake up how students apply to college. The group’s online portal is meant to bring more clarity to the process.


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College Admissions Isn’t Fair … Whatever That Means  

When applicants and institutions push for "fairness," they aren’t even talking about the same thing.


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Getting Inside the Mind of an Applicant  

Data mining puts a high-tech spin on the age-old competition for students.