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Coalition’s Plans for New Application Platform Stir Debate

Admissions officers and college counselors got a description of the new site over the weekend — and a chance to critique it.

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Researcher's Goal: An Admissions Process That Rewards 'Ethical Character'

The project grew from the worry that many teens are too focused on their own success and that colleges are contributing to that problem.

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Where Else Are You Applying? Colleges Can't Ask Applicants Much Longer

New ethical guidelines approved by the National Association for College Admission Counseling forbid the question, which dozens of colleges currently use to help them predict who will enroll.

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New College-Application Site Aims to Capture Traits of Success — Like Grit and Engagement  

A coalition of selective institutions hopes to shake up how students apply to college. The group’s online portal is meant to bring more clarity to the process.


Admissions & Student Aid

College Admissions Isn’t Fair … Whatever That Means  

When applicants and institutions push for "fairness," they aren’t even talking about the same thing.


Admissions & Student Aid

Getting Inside the Mind of an Applicant  

Data mining puts a high-tech spin on the age-old competition for students.


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What Actual High Schoolers Think of the New College Scorecard  

Much has been written about the new consumer tool. Now, let’s hear from some of the students it’s meant to help.

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Everyone's Talking About Simplifying the Fafsa. Here's What You Need to Know.  

Efforts to fix the notoriously demanding financial-aid application, which go back years, are intensifying. But obstacles remain.

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Minimum-Wage Work Alone Won’t Get You Through College

How long would you have to work to recoup a year's worth of tuition and fees? We've created an interactive tool to show you.


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ACT’s President Answers a Few Final Questions Before Putting Down His Pencil

This is not a test: After 30 years at the organization, Jon Erickson shares his thoughts on admissions, assessment, and anxiety dreams.


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Why Drexel U. Tamed Its Application Monster  

For years, the university filled its seats by drawing more and more applicants. But with yield rates plummeting, it abandoned the model as unsustainable.

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7 Myths About Campus Diversity

One expert offers suggestions for admissions officials who wonder how the U.S. Supreme Court will rule in a key affirmative-action case.

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Colleges Seek Diversity, but ‘Admissions Calculus’ Hasn’t Changed

Since a Supreme Court ruling in 2013, selective institutions have embraced a range of other strategies, says a new report.


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College Admissions, Frozen in Time  

In an era of innovation, higher education clings to an age-old system fueled by debatable metrics.

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How Ending the Two-Tiered Student-Loan System Would Help Struggling Borrowers

The bank-based lending system is being phased out, but millions of students have seen their default problems exacerbated by steep collection costs.

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What Happens When a College Tells Students What They'll Pay for All 4 Years?  

The move carries some risk — a grand-total price could scare families away — but at the University of Dayton, transparency seems to be helping.

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Do Your Students Have Criminal Records? Is It Even Fair to Ask?

Most institutions do inquire, a step that critics see as discouraging ex-convicts who could benefit greatly from a college education.


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The Ever-Growing World of College Rankings  

New entrants in the ratings game say they focus on how students fare after college, rather than on the quality of those who enroll.

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Make Your Own College Rankings

Try your hand at The Chronicle's College Rankings Mash-Up Machine.

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The Financial-Aid Fine Print

They have similar policies, but variation among them can make a real difference in what students will pay.