Community Colleges Face Big Security Risks With Few Resources

The mass shooting in Oregon shows how two-year colleges respond to a crisis with limited means at hand.

Admissions & Student Aid

New College-Application Site Aims to Capture Traits of Success — Like Grit and Engagement  

A coalition of selective institutions hopes to shake up how students apply to college. The group’s online portal is meant to bring more clarity to the process.


Admissions & Student Aid

College Admissions Isn’t Fair … Whatever That Means  

When applicants and institutions push for "fairness," they aren’t even talking about the same thing.



O’Bannon Ruling Heightens Debate Over Pay for College Players

A federal appeals court finds the NCAA violated antitrust laws, but strikes down a prior ruling that would allow for annual $5,000 payments to athletes.


Perkins Loan Program, a Federal Stalwart Since 1958, Meets Its Demise

The program extended aid to students with "exceptional financial need." Sen. Lamar Alexander blocked a bill that would have kept it alive.


In Falling Default Rates, an Incomplete Picture of Borrower Distress

The default rates on federal student loans fell at all types of colleges, but thousands of borrowers still struggle to repay their loans.


80 Selective Colleges Unveil Plans for a New Application — and Inspire Some Skepticism

The group hopes its innovations will put more young people on the path to college earlier. But some experts question whether the effort will really expand access.


Evangelical Group’s Taunts Reopen Dialogue on Racial Tensions on One Campus  

A confrontational preacher’s group stirred up students at DePauw University last week. After the clash, the real issue for some became how police officers had interacted with the counterprotesters.


Just Half of Graduates Strongly Agree Their College Education Was Worth the Cost

And among young alumni, only 38 percent viewed their college experience positively, according to national survey results in the 2015 Gallup-Purdue Index.



Amid Debate on Free Speech and Safe Space, Wesleyan Students Seek to Hear More Voices  

Students are questioning where to draw the line between freedom of speech and ensuring that minority students do not feel devalued.


Leadership & Governance

A Women’s College Goes Coed and Works to Preserve Its Mission

For the first time, Chatham University is enrolling men in its undergraduate programs. President Esther L. Barazzone talks about how the Pittsburgh institution is staying true to its values.



The Week

What you need to know about the past seven days.


Admissions & Student Aid

Getting Inside the Mind of an Applicant  

Data mining puts a high-tech spin on the age-old competition for students.

Leadership & Governance

U. of Iowa Chief’s Past Meetings With Regents Rekindle Faculty Worries

Revelations that J. Bruce Harreld met with regents before he was chosen as the university's president have again raised fears that the board had been set on hiring him.


Will Congress Finally Pull the Plug on Perkins Loans?

The decades-old program is set to expire next week, but a bipartisan group is making a final push to save it.



One Hazing Death, Dozens of Charges, and Questions About Making a Frat Come Clean  

A tangled investigation highlights the many challenges prosecutors face in some cases.


Leadership & Governance

Talking About Talent: Jamie Merisotis on the Role of Higher Education

The Lumina Foundation's chief executive discusses his new book, his take on modernizing higher education, and immigration.


A New Tool Offers Insights Into What Works (and Doesn’t) to Curb Binge Drinking

College officials can use the tool to compare strategies for preventing underage and dangerous alcohol use, based on what research says about their effectiveness and cost.



For Many U.S. Catholic Colleges, This Pope May Be a Blessing

Unlike his predecessors, the visiting Pope Francis appears unlikely to push Catholic institutions to uphold doctrine in ways that alienate faculty members.


1 in 4 Female Undergrads Experienced Sex Assault or Misconduct, AAU Survey Finds

The results provide a sweeping look at the prevalence of sexual misconduct on campuses. But some experts said it might be hard to compare the findings to others.