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In Fight Over UC-Davis Chancellor’s Future, Where Does the Faculty Stand?

Despite her mounting controversies, many faculty members say Linda P.B. Katehi should stay on as the campus leader, while others are using the opportunity to voice different concerns.



Students Vent Frustrations as Yale Leaves a Slavery Champion’s Name Intact

The decision to retain the name of Calhoun College has touched off a passionate reaction at a university that has faced months of racial unrest.



How Young Republicans on One Campus Are Adapting to a Fractured Party

From a more progressive band of conservatives to "Terps for Trump," the University of Maryland at College Park’s Republican groups mirror the national divide.


State Higher-Education Spending Is Up, but Not Above Pre-Recession Level

Some good news: Last year saw the largest number of states to increase per-student spending in the past quarter century.



2 Hot Themes From a Fast-Growing Innovation Summit  

Mentorship tools and college-to-career services dominated the buzz at a gathering of ed-tech companies, investors, and educators.


What Hourly Higher-Ed Employees Made in 2015-16

Skilled craft workers, including electricians and plumbers, were among the best-compensated hourly employees of colleges and universities, according to a survey released on Monday.


Leadership & Governance

U. of Texas Deals With a Law It Didn’t Want

Gregory L. Fenves, president of the University of Texas at Austin, doesn’t believe guns belong on campuses. But a new state law disagrees with him. In an interview, he explains how he set rules to carry out the law.



The Week: What You Need to Know About the Past 7 Days

Questions for philosophers on slavery — and bathrooms. Plus Hamlet, bounded in a nutshell.



What Lawmakers in One State Talk About When They Talk About Diversity  

After grilling university officials over diversity offices, diversity spending, and diversity goals, Republican legislators in Tennessee have now sent a bill to the governor’s desk with sharp restrictions.


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How Choosing a Cabinet Helped Put One College President in Peril

Faculty leaders at Hope College say President John C. Knapp’s decision to ask his provost to resign caused friction with the Board of Trustees. Such disputes over personnel decisions often signal broader tensions.


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Inside How Missouri’s Leadership Scrambled to Quell a Campus Crisis  

As protests over race grew at the University of Missouri in November, internal emails show a shaken administration trying to appease demonstrators, calm student fears, and assess a barrage of violent threats.



An Accused Student’s Lawsuit Takes Aim at Education Dept.’s Title IX Guidance  

A male athlete who was found responsible for sexual misconduct asserts that his university mistreated him because of pressure from the government. Some experts doubt, however, that federal guidance is compelling colleges to side with accusers.



One University’s Response to Students’ Demands on Race: Radical Transparency  

Last fall activists at Emory University listed 13 steps they felt were needed to improve the campus's racial climate. Officials formed working groups to tackle each one. Here’s how the process is playing out.


Leadership & Governance

UC-Davis Chancellor Says She’s Not Going Anywhere

Calls for her resignation over a revived controversy are missing the big picture, Linda P.B. Katehi tells The Chronicle.



UC-Davis Was Ridiculed for Trying to Sway Search Results. Many Other Colleges Do the Same.  

The university’s leaders have come under fire for revelations that they hired consultants to bury online references to its infamous pepper-spray incident. The controversy is a case study in the hazards of such tactics.



Facing Pressure on Many Fronts, an Accreditor Promises Reform  

The head of the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools resigned this week amid mounting scrutiny of his group’s actions. His successor is outlining steps to restore the public’s confidence.


Leadership & Governance

Video: When 16-Year-Olds Go to College

Ian Bickford, the provost of Bard College at Simon's Rock, describes what it's like to run a college whose students never finished high school.



Many Colleges Profited From Slavery. What Can They Do About It Now?  

Institutions like Georgetown University are going beyond markers and memorials in acknowledging their historical ties to slavery, even weighing reparations to descendants.


7 Questions About a New Test-Prep Venture  

ACT Inc. and Kaplan Test Prep say their new online instructional service will help democratize the college-preparation process. Here’s how it will work.



A Sex-Assault Case at Brigham Young Puts Honor Codes in the Spotlight  

Do codes of conduct, especially those at faith-based institutions, discourage students from speaking up about sexual assault? The university is wrestling with that question as it investigates one student who reported a rape.