Sixth Annual Survey

Great Colleges to Work For 2013

Here are 97 Great Colleges to Work For in 2013, as rated by their faculty and staff. In our sixth annual survey, nearly 45,000 employees evaluated their colleges in 12 categories, such as job satisfaction, teaching environment, and career development. You can read the complete list of colleges, see exceptional performers on the Honor Roll, search particular categories, compare institutions, and learn about our methodology.

The survey shows, among many things, how important respect and work-life balance are to employees. And a series of news features focuses on how colleges use strong tenure policies, transparent leadership, and flexible work schedules to improve their work environments.

Evaluating Success on the Job

How do academics measure job satisfaction? For many faculty members, there's more to success than the typical markers of promotions, tenure, raises, and publications. They want to know that they're making a difference. That's also true for administrators. While they must often meet numerical goals for fund raising and enrollment counts, many administrators tell us they find satisfaction working behind the scenes, helping others achieve their goals.