U. of Illinois Settles the Salaita Case, but Will That Help It Move On?

While the legal drama is over, academic boycotts remain in place.

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The university has drawn new scrutiny for dismissing a tenured instructor mainly for using obscene language and jokes around students.

U. of Kansas Takes Narrow View of Lecturer’s Privacy Rights in Records Dispute  

In a court filing, the university argues that only higher-education institutions, and not their individual faculty members, have a right to academic freedom under the First Amendment.

Steven Salaita’s New (Temporary) Career: Public Speaker

Rejected by the University of Illinois for tweets critical of Israel, the scholar ponders his next move.


How Does an Academic Boycott of Israel Actually Work?  

Resolutions on the issue often focus on symbolism more than specifics, as a recent flap over the American Studies Association's boycott demonstrates.