Frequently asked questions

1. How much does a Chronicle site license cost?

A number of variables will affect your institution's price. Complete and submit the online price proposal form, and you'll get a response within 48- 72 hours.

2. Will users still need a user name and password in order to access The Chronicle's Web site?

No. Access is controlled by your institution's IP range. Once your IPs have been entered into our authentication database, authorized users will be able to read the complete text of all our subscriber-only content without having to log in.

3. Does your contract allow for remote access?

Yes, but your institution has to use a proxy server to control remote access. Referral URLs will not work.

4. Does your contract allow for ILL (intra-library loan)?


5. We need to add some standard language required by our state legislature to your contract. Also, we would like to re-word part of the agreement. Is this possible?

Yes. We are happy to consider revisions to any of our terms and conditions.

6. Who do you consider to be an authorized user?

Our definition is broad. It includes all administrators, faculty members, and other employees, full and part-time. All students. Even walk-ins.

7. My university has several branches. Will each need its own site-license agreement?

No. One agreement can cover all campus locations.

8. Are discounts available for a system-wide purchase?

Yes, but 100% participation is needed in order to qualify for reduced pricing. Write to Alvin Brockway for more information.

9. Are consortia discounts available?

We are happy to try to negotiate a purchase with any consortia your institution belongs to. There is no guarantee, however, that a satisfactory arrangement will be agreed upon by both parties.

10. Can authorized users sign up for The Chronicle's Daily Report?

Yes, and we encourage you to share these instructions with people on your campus. All they have to do is go to to create a free Chronicle account. As part of that process, they will be able to sign up any or all of our complimentary e-mail updates: Academe Today, Academe This Week, The Wired Campus, and The Community College Newsletter.

Academe Today provides daily updates on the news of higher education and otehr information on what's new on our site. Academe This Week is a weekly summary of higher-education news. The Wired Campus is a daily update on teachnology in academe. And The Community College Newsletter is a weekly update on events at, and of interest to, two-year institutions.

Having people on your campus subscribe to Academe Today and other Chronicle updates will further ensure that your institution gets the most value from its site license.

11. Are usage reports available?

Yes. An institution's contact person will, upon request, receive online access to their usage reports. One can also review their IPs which have been added to The Chronicle's authentication database as well as review and edit their contact information.