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Author Topic: Fired professor left with the exam papers  (Read 22990 times)
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« Reply #90 on: December 11, 2008, 7:09:39 PM »

   - No jumping out of windows or off of balconies. Long story, but it was fun and nobody got hurt too bad.

This seems to be the preferred method of student suicide on my campus, going back all the way to the days when I was an undergrad here 30 years ago.  No balconies, but the windows work just fine.
Okay, here's the whole story. Our entire campus got new matresses for all the dorms and the old ones were stored in the bottom floor of an unused building. We broke in (with the security guard's help) just to see what was going on. Then someone got the bright idea to line three stories of stairwell with mattresses (walls and floors). We then started doing long tumbles from top to bottom. About an hour into that insanity, someone noticed that there was a second-story balcony that we had easy access to. We made a HUGE pile of mattresses on the ground and started doing back flips of the side of the building. I should probably point out that it was the end of finals week and we all needed to do something stupid that wouldn't land us in either jail or the hospital.

Hilarious.  I'm just thinking of all the time and effort it took to move all those mattresses.  Did you guys have to put all the mattresses back at the end, too?

This might out me, but at my undergrad, a certain studio of large instruments and their buddies, decided to make a lounge out of the fugly large instrument storage room in the basement of our building.  We cleaned out the space, brought in some homey-features and decided we needed a couch.  Naturally, after hours, we took a brand new couch from the proper student lounge right outside the Dean's office.  I don't think we even gave it a second thought.

The next day, there were flyers all over the building with "Have you seen this couch?" and demanding its immediate return.  The building and grounds folks were dispatched to peer into every room, floor by floor.  Luckily, they started at the top floor.  We had to hide ourselves in the building after closing that night and return the couch at around 2 a.m. to avoid detection. I have no idea if the administration ever discovered who temporarily filched their couch.
Yes, we put all the mattresses back. That was the deal with the security guard. We were good kids, just bored.

Makes the story all that much better...

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