Work-sprint thread to tackle Dreaded Tasks

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Hey gang! I figure it's time to rejoin you after break. I accomplished very little on break, and am regretting it, but I tell you, it was nice to not work too much. (I did accomplish the taxes, so that's something.)

Crumpet, I hope the FC job comes through! Good luck with the trip prep.
Moody, good work today!
Bioteacher, good job yesterday! You can do it today!
Lohai0, how's it going?

For today, here's my list:

Prep/teach Class 3
Prep/teach class 5
Other school event thing
Makeup exam
Professional emails (at least 2)
Try to get ahead on prep for later this week
Travel plans for weekend
Stuff I'm forgetting?
Maybe some more work on review?

Keep it up, all!

FTF -- thanks for the well-wishes! I'm crossing my fingers (I may hear this week!!). Good luck with your list -- looks like lots of prep!

Bioteacher -- I think all of you are pretty freaking productive too! Especially those of you with kids!

MM -- congrats on your morning of writing!

RA for Fieldwork Land -- almost there!! Submitted, but I need to add something later
Prepare sources for T article to take to Fieldwork Land Mostly sorted!
Exchange cash
Sort out conference schedule
Proof handbook/email to participants
Sort through email

Sort out pre-trip meds

Original plan for today: class, gym, prep class for tomorrow. Plus one item from longer list.

I plan, the Universe laughs.

Revised list:
Run to two libraries (on and near campus) to find resources that might help Bioette, her teacher, and myself survive multiplication hell. Do this in gusting winds while wearing a skirt that tends to bunch up if I zip my winter coat. It was gusting. I zipped the coat.... and kept having to check that my skirt was still showing below the hem of my coat. Yes, the coat comes mid-thigh. But still.... I don't tolerate public wardrobe malfunctions.
Drop said books at Bioette's school
Stop at P.O. and mail something requested by someone.
Help Bioette with multiplication hell homework + spelling
Force Bioette to eat something substantive for dinner <-- I'm done up to here.
Prop eyelids open long enough to prepare for class tomorrow.

In retrospect, just going to the &^% gym would have been easier.

I got the thing submitted last night. Tonight I need to workout, and maybe 1-2 easy things.

Great job, Lohai.

Bioteacher, good grief.

Crumpet, you're getting there!

I still need t

Writing - 1 hour on notes for Ch 2 700 words, hooray!
Reading - Book NA- in progress

Prep class: either TH or AW

30 min Contract E

Now once the kids go to bed I might be able to do some more work.
Off to my appointments. Good job, crumpet; keep slogging!


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