Work-sprint thread to tackle Dreaded Tasks

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Thanks, Moody and BT! I have about an hour before I have to leave for the lecture, so it will be what it is. BT, I wish you a good night's sleep, and Moody, you'll get there ... are you waiting for kittens like Lohai0 too?

Quote from: formerly_the_fiver on April 23, 2013,  2:22:52 PM

Teach Class 2
Teach Class 3
Teach Class 5
Get ready for tonight's lecture (PPT) -- It's coming along ...
Present tonight's lecture

No research (grr), probably no exercise (grr), probably no prep for Big Important Thing later this week (yikes).

Good luck, all!

Ftf, I'm waiting for Lohai's kittens. It's killing me!

I finished Book AE! Everything else will have to wait until tomorrow; tonight, I am going to mark more papers.

Good luck, everyone.

Good work, Moody.

I'm out of here. It is what it is. See you tomorrow.

Bioteacher -- a sandpile with Loahai's kittens would be the ideal option. Please join me!

I just taught and now I'm going to sneak home for a bit to work there. I have a haircut and other goodies later today to look forward to. Thank goodness for this thread. I wouldn't get anything scheduled or done without it!

Prepare permissions for Project A 2014
Organize schedule for Project M
Transfer DB for Project A to work computer
Synch photos into DB for Project A
Send Project A report to RB
Read book for article due in May
Email clean - 1 hour
Think about job offer and negotiations

Errands in town

Morning, Crumpet! How's it going? FtF, how was your lecture?
I have been fairly efficient so far, getting a Dreaded Errand and a reading sprint out of the way. Also, I have managed to finagle some extra work time today, at my second-most productive time of day (4-6), so I'm hoping for great things.

Research (in order of importance, may not get all this done today)
Finish TWBT
TWBT notes
Notebook A - read and cross-check with File C
Notebook E - read and cross-check with Files C and G
Make chart about Important Concept in G
Finish GM
Make chart about Important Concept in M
Research note followup

Teaching-type stuff
Mark 5 papers (evening)

Eye appt. for MM#1
Kitten watch <- ongoing


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